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Below is some information on the updating and cost of this website.

Email NetNude with any comments.

This site started out as a hobby site and it has grown to be one of the biggest FREE international naturist websites on the internet. The administration people are ALL volunteers and have other jobs which cuts down on the time available to run this site.

It costs more than $500. Canadian to run this site EACH MONTH. Very few people advertise on the sites ( and We receive donations and payments for the extra photo gallery features. ( Thanks everyone! ) Because this site does not pay for itself, we can't focus on the site as much as we want to but have to do our other jobs. If this site begins to make money, we will focus on this site and make it even better !! In summary, it would be ridiculous to upgrade a failing (or near failing) enterprise.

If people visiting this site would:

then we could make even MORE improvements.

If you donate to the site here -, you will receive the extra features in the photo gallery. (every $5.00 = 1 year of features)


Ongoing things that we do on a daily or weekly basis.


1. Handle problem logs from members.
2. Archive message board and handle profile photos.
3. Cartoon each week which is NOT free... I pay for it in order to keep the copyright.
4. Tanpages ads.
5. Update the server with critical updates, new software and updates to old software.
6. Update the virus software.
7. Put on the updates and changes.
8. Update old links and information.
9. I get about 50 emails a day I answer. David the techie on the site gets a lot of emails too.
10. Release the photo gallery pictures.
11. Deal with problem members.
12. Fix software problems and server problems on an ongoing basis.
13. Verify all new requests for links on the site.
14. Plus we also manage at least TEN other websites which have to be updated and monitored.
15. ... and more

To net it out... if this site made money, it would be redesigned, updated AND new features added. However, most people on the internet want the internet to be free. That's fine but... it costs money to run websites. If you use this site a lot, spending $5.00 a year shouldn't be a problem :-)

If you have any ideas how to make money for this site, we'd be happy to implement them. Email NetNude with any comments or ideas.

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