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There are many reasons why this page is displaying.

1. You clicked on the 'contributor' link at the bottom of the login page (see below).

2. You keyed your alias and/or password wrong. If so, click the 'Back' button on your browser and try again.

3. You are not a contributor to the website.

4. You tried to access the extra features without logging in.

Only contributors to the website can access the extra features area.

To become a contributor you can do one of many things:

1. Help on the website by contributing your time or contributing information in the form of trip reports, for example.

2. Donate to the site.

3. Purchase the extra features.

A first level contributor is someone who pays $5.00 a year for the extra features or donates $5.00 a year to the website.

A second level contributor is someone who pays/donates more than $5.00 (a year) and less than $25.00. All donations/payments are accummulative.

A third level contributor is someone who pays/donates $25.00 (accummulative over all years) OR someone who submits 3 or more trip reports to the site OR a helper on the site who, ie, check links, websites, does research, or helps on the message board OR someone who has been on the site for more than 5 years.

If you have only ONE of the above criteria and you do not have access to the third level, go to the contact page , email Jan with the details, including your alias on the site and why you are emailing.

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