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o False Muttley. Jay's cool naturist dog.   Pets
Picture 1508.
o False Hi, I'm Shithead. Well, most call me Midnight, but I prefer Shithead. My master gave me the name when I dug up the septic tank. (Damn that was fun).
On the boards and in the chatrooms I am DavidB
Picture 2891.
o False Mark. The Mousse, my Chocolate Lab 4 1/2 months (6-17-07).
On the boards and in the chatrooms I am The_Dude
Picture 7493.
o False Russell . Hi, I'm Five-Five, a life long nudist. I like to chase squirrels and rabbits, even though I'm too old and slow to ever catch one, even if it ran up to me and dropped dead right under my nose. I love nature, and like to roll around on the ground, sunbathe, sometimes sit in the shade, I like to kick myself in the ears sometimes, play, sleep, and just lay around being lazy, naked, of course. I like to take my human for his walks, although he is sometimes reluctant and I have to drag him behind me on his leash. My human is Russell and he is in another gallery here, i wouldn't let him be in mine. After thirteen years, I guess I'll keep him, as I've now got him trained to keep my water and food dishes full, and, sometimes, he even goes places naked with me. I'll never figure out why you humans passed all those laws that don't let you live as naked as I do, because it's just another right you gave up that is a pleasure to live. I guess humans, in their efforts to complicate things, just have to make themselves miserable. As you can see, I do everything nude, and I will never succumb to your silly ordinances, lol. you can reach me through my human's e-mail, and my partnership preference would be a nice, warm female nudist like myself, maybe a spaniel?
On the boards and in the chatrooms I am 1newddewd
Picture 8377.
o False Gerry Took this photo Sunday and as you can see this little fellow isn't wearing any clothes, so I thought he could possibly be the first * Net Nude Naked Nuthatch * with full gold member status.
On the boards and in the chatrooms I am goldfinchca
Picture 8544.
o False GazFR. This is a photo of me and our dogs. The black one is Eddy and the Lab is Harry.
On the boards and in the chatrooms I am romany66
Picture 9075.
o False John. The photo is of myself, a self-taught artist, enjoying one of my weekend pastimes, oil painting. I live in Australia and have been a nudist for a few years now. My chat name is 'naked I'. Thanks John for the great photo!   Hobbies
Picture 1510.
o False Matthew standing next to the EMPRESS.   Hobbies
Picture 1511.
o False Jan C , drawn by George P Woodling who has his artwork on the NetNude Art Page.
On the boards and in the chatrooms I am JanC
Picture 1512.
o False David B. , the technical expert on NetNude, doing what he loves most... singing! He use to performe as a KJ (karaoke jockey) every weekend in the desert east of Los Angeles, now just a weekend karaoke junky with lots of cool karaoke stuff. Thanks David for the song!
On the boards and in the chatrooms I am DavidB
Picture 1516.

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