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o False Barry. Divi Resort Sint Maarten August 2012.
On the boards and in the chatrooms I am Bareman77

Picture 10597.
o False John & Peter with Jan C. Taken during their trip to Canada in the summer of 1998.    General
Picture 1544.
o False John & Peter Douglas (the Twins) wearing NetNude t-shirts.   General
Picture 1545.
o False Ron Coleman , the NetNude cartoonist, in front of his drawing board.    General
Picture 1546.
o False Pippa , the author of 'Turtles & Snails', putting numbers on the back of her homing snails in preparation for the annual snail toss. 'Turtles & Snails' is a page written by Pippa discussing her ever changing life and the problems she runs into. (Note from Jan C: I have met Pippa and she is as crazy as me {g}).    General
Picture 1547.
o False David Geary standing on a beach in the Mediterranean.    General
Picture 1548.
o False Ed walking around Braunton Burrows, England, which is an area of sand dunes at the back of the beach known as Saunton beach. Saunton is just north of Barnstaple (just south of Ilfracombe) and is a very long beach and does not get very crowded. Ed is the husband of Pippa who writes the 'Turtles & Snails' page, accessed from the main index page.    General
Picture 1549.
o False Jan C relaxing in front of the limestone stack, known locally as Jilliezman, on Durdle Door Beach in the UK - summer of 1997. The beach was used for nude swimming way back in the days of Thomas Hardy - famous son of Dorset who wrote rather gloomy novels about darker aspects of early Victorian society. Thanks to David Martin for the information on the beach & history.   General
Picture 1551.
o False Phil sitting at a table in Loreto, Mexico, and feeling very cold.    General
Picture 1552.
o False David and his watergun during the "Watergun Olympics" at the Avalon Conservation Club in West Virgina, 1996.
On the boards and in the chatrooms I am DavidB
Picture 1553.

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