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The Beach at Sunrise

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     Sunrise on the beach.

      Walking along the beach, the shore seemed to go on forever. Looking out toward the ocean the sun was just starting to come up. An orange glow spread up into the sky with a small sliver of bright yellow from the sun just coming up from the dark ocean. Moving back onto the top of a sand dune. She spread out a towel to sit and watch the day come to life.

     Being very still she soon became a part of the beach. Watching as the birds rose up into the sky. Lifted by the warm gentle breeze. Flying without effort. In the surf there were small fish jumping as each wave rolled in to break onto the sand. On the sand, the little crabs would dig back into the sand after each wave moved back out to sea. The stretch of beach was out the far end of the island. It was more of a sand bar that was perhaps a hundred yards wide and curved out into the ocean. Well off the beaten path.

     This was where she came for the solitude. Her little corner of the world that was quiet and let her release the stress. Standing up from the towel she slipped out of the shirt and shorts she was wearing. Leaving them in a little pile on top of the towel. Walking down the dune toward the beach, she started walk along the water line. Just keep enough to feel the waves move around her legs. Keeping a stead pace the salt air was so clean. Taking deep breaths and letting her thoughts go. Walking she could feel the sand move under her feet. The water moved in and out. Taking the sand with it.

     On she walked until she came to the end of the bar. To the point where the sand became sea. She moved into the waves breaking onto the sandy beach. The feeling of the power of the sea could be felt pushing against her body. Standing into the breaking waves. She could feel the water washing over her. The pounding of the water was taking away the dirt and stress. Making he feel ready to deal with anything that would come that day. Watching the waves come in. She pushed off just as it reached her. Catching a ride with it. Letting the power of the wave lift and carry her into the shallow water of the beach.

     The sun was well into the sky now as she retraced her path to where the towel lay. This walk and swim was part of her morning routine. This let her mind and body reconnect with the natural world. Walking back to pick up the towel.She slipped on the shorts and shirt. Picking up the towel to shake out the sand. She was read to walk back to the real world. Looking back over her shoulder along the beach. She felt a calmness come over her.

     This was her place of refuge that kept her mind at ease. It let her life keep balanced. This was where she shed the world and its problems and returned to the natural world.When she was one with nature.

     Everything was at peace.

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