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Pure of Heart

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     *Pure of Heart*

     The young woman was sleeping in the bed with four high post and drapes around all sides. It was like being in her own private place. In her dream she saw a prince riding a large white horse. Wearing a brightly polished coat of armor. Sitting easily upon a horse that was white as new snow.

     He was carrying a shield and a long sword. It was a vision that made her feel safe and had no fear. She knew he was her protector and no harm would come to her from his hands.

     She asked, "Who are you?"

     He replied, "I am your protection against all that would harm you. Those of the dark night and the light of day. I have been with you all the days of your life. You have not seen me but I have kept you safe when the dark evil and the danger has been close."

     That made her think back to something she had almost forgotten. The time when she had been walking down a path through the forest.She had been stepping on the stones to cross the stream when there was a loud scream. It was distant and coming closer. The sound of the foot steps could be heard. That was when everything went silent. The path was the only way home and when she walked down it. There was a creature laying at the side of the path. It had sharp teeth and long claws on its' feet. It was a meat eater out looking for a meal. It was dead and had lost it's head.

     She asked, "Was that you who protected me from the creature of the dark forest?"

     He said, "Yes that was me. I slew the creature to prevent him from harming you. I was sent to protect you. You are pure of spirit, all about you is good."

     The morning sun was starting to come through the window and then he was gone.

     She looked out her window toward the forest. That was when she saw a white horse. It was as white as new snow. Running out dressed as nature had created her. She approached him and he bowed down. It was a invitation for her to sit on his back. She pulled up onto his back, sitting high off the ground, she felt a bond with him. That was when he moved away. Taking her with him at a walk, Gallup then at a run. She could not believe it but he was rising from the earth. He was flying with his young master on his back.

     Her long hair was streaming out behind as he moved across the sky. The warm air flowed around her making a connection with her body to the earth. The small hairs on her breathed in the fragrance of the flowers and the trees. Feeling bonded to the nature around her. The feeling of being in the sky was exhilarating. Looking off to the horizon she could see the heaven separate from the earth. She was as pure as the new snow.

     Taking her to a place deep in the forest. She saw a house that was made of living plants with large leaves for a roof. Vines for walls. It was part of a mighty oak tree that looked to be as old as the forest its self.

     The prince that she had seen in her dream was waiting for her. He helped her down from the back of the horse.

     She was light in his hands. Lowering her to the earth she remembered that she was wearing nothing to cover her body.

     He looked into her eyes and said, "Do not be afraid. You are as nature made you. Every thing about you is good and your heart is pure."

     With that she felt comfortable with him.

     He said, "The forest needs you. We of the forest world have been waiting for you many years."

     The small animals and birds gathered around them as he spoke.

     "You are the one who can nurture the world of nature to good health. You envelope all that is good with the world. Your child like belief that lets us continue to live in a world surrounded by danger."

     She looked all around seeing that everything here was good and a part of nature.

     She said, "I would be honored to stay with you in the forest."

     That was when the beautiful maiden became the *Mother Nature* That we all have heard about. She is one with the world of nature and all that lives within us.

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