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These novels are part of a series called HERETICS IN OCCUPIED EDEN, in which naturism is the organizing theme.

American Nudist      The first is THE FLOATING BOY . A nudist church plays an important role in this account of extrasensory experiences, the psychological costs of war, questioning religion, and finding love.
American Nudist      The second is a continuation of the first called THE STRANGE ANGELS . In this narrative, naturism plays a critical role in bringing together the characters and shedding light on their actions.
American Nudist      The third book is THE DANCING CHURCH , which evolves to a significant climax and wraps up the loose ends in the HERETICS trilogy.
American Nudist      The fourth book about naturism, THE MANSION OF OUR UNDRESSING , is a companion to the first three but can be read without having read any of the others.

All four novels are available from Amazon in paper or Kindle versions. Facebook also carries a HERETICS IN OCCUPIED EDEN page with more information about the series. The easiest way to check out these titles on Amazon is to search by author: Kenneth Alan Moe or click one of the book links above.


Have you ever gone skinnydipping? You may have felt the freedom of running nude through your backyard, feeling the sun all over your skin and the wind enveloping you like a hug from nature. You may have enjoyed the company of friends who went skinnydipping with you by the lake or the beach. You may have invited a loved one, a girlfriend or boyfriend to share in that moment of nude freedom. Sounds like fun? Sometimes it is. Often times, it isnít. Embracing the world of nudism has its advantages, but it has a multitude of drawbacks, particularly if you live in the conservative community of Honolulu, Hawaii. Especially in todayís society where nudity and sex and inexorably linked. It seems you canít have one without the other. "American Nudist" collects journalist/ filmmaker Tony Young's articles on the naturist lifestyle, chronicles his experiences organizing the Hawaii Skinnydippers in the 1990s, along with his controversial poetry and short stories. Young started a nudist club in 1992 which met once a month for pool parties in the upscale neighborhood of Hawaii Kai. The group had over 27 members, all but three were male. His youthful idealism gave way to the realities of pre-internet naturism, and his chronicle reflects the isolation and frustration of being a nudist in the middle of the Pacific Ocean. Moving to the mainland gave him a broader perspective and he eventually returned home to a new generation of naturists. His experiences inspired him to write screenplays, poems and short stories, stories about real people who chose to live a clothes-free lifestyle and sometimes paid a price for going against the grain of mainstream society.

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