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Oka Beach, Quebec

Oka Beach, 1998

This beach located about 45 minutes west of Montreal on the Ottawa river is a beautiful location for both camping and nude beach activities. There is easy access from Montreal by taking the 13 north to the 640 and going all the way to the west end. The 640 ends at the Paul-Sauve park which is where the beach is.

An alternate way to get there from Montreal is to take the train from Montreal to Deux-Montagne, there are bike racks in the train, and bike to the park on the bike path which leaves from the train station and goes west. It's a beautiful one hour bike ride through the park with one large hill to get over.

Once you have parked at the beach walk to the path which runs along the beach, turn left and walk about 0.5 kilometers. The beach is separated from the path at this point so you may want to walk on the beach instead.

There is a volleyball net and marked off swimming area to keep the seadoo's at bay. You may want to bring lots of drinks and food since the concession area is quite a walk away. I have found the quality of the water to have greatly improved over the years and is now Ok for swimming.

Two years ago there was a crackdown on nudists, with police issueing tickets to nude sunworshipers. I was personally present during one of these crackdowns. I was walking to the beach when I saw the police cruiser sitting on the path near the nudist area. Being an EMT I stopped at the cruiser to see if anything was wrong. In the back were sitting a conservatively dressed couple clutching bibles!!! When I went to the beach the police were just finishing issueing tickets and people were covering up. Since then the issue has gone to court and the Nudists have WON!!!!! Last summer saw a return of many happy nudists to this traditional haven. Oka beach has been known to be nudist for as long as I've lived and hopefully will continue to be for those who come after.

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