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Orient Beach Vacation. St. Martin, Caribbean.
November 8-15, 1999

Note: all pictures are full size.

This is a short report on my recent trip to Saint Maarten. You can go to the other report I made last year for a little more description of places to go, dine and shop.

This one was a total week of enchantment at Club O. Even though we did not stay at Club O, we did spend all of our days at the beach and met new and old friends from previous years. This is a view of where we stayed at The Sunterra Flamingo Resort.

I have to clarify that this was the week before Hurricane Lenny and that as a matter of fact one of the couples that we know stayed during the Hurricane at Orient. I know it is a scary experience for anyone that doesn't live in the tropics like we do...

Oh well, I arrived at paradise at 11:00 AM went to my timeshare and checked in. No room available so we asked for a room to get swimming gear out of bags. We changed for the clothed world and drove to Orient Beach. Once there we undressed of course and just had a relaxed day. Started to get my usual tan to begin with. We met a couple of friends from last year's trip and acquainted our selves at the beach. These are two views of the shore at Orient Beach.

This is the Papagayo Restaurant at Orient! Nude Restaurant on site!

This view is more of the shore!

View from land to the north of the bay!

We left at 6 PM, finished the check in process and went for dinner at a nice French restaurant in the town of Grand Case.

On Monday, I had to get to the beach early for my routine morning walk! I walked or ran the entire beach naked and enjoyed every minute of it. Few nudies were doing the same but did notice several nudes along the beach at the local shacks (bars). Several people took out cameras and I just waited for them to shoot before I walked by, some I even said to them if taking a picture of us nude ask for it! Just common courtesy! The day was uneventful but our tan was glowing! Left around 7 PM and drove nude all the way to Simpson Bay where my room was. Got a wrap to get out of car and in room and nude again.

Tuesday came along and our friends from IL were arriving that day. We had agreed that we were going to take the Tiko Tiko nude cruise on their wedding anniversary on the 11th, so I made the reservation for us four. I was worried about my getting sea sick since I have a tendency to get it really bad but I wanted so bad to do it that I said oh well one more day sick is worth it if nude. Started drizzling around 5 PM so we left and they had not arrived. Drove nude again, went for dinner clothed but that was it.

This is a view of the Tiko Tiko Catamaran.

This was early morning that day! November 9th, 1999...

Now half week was gone and we had our tan radiant. Several of near by guest gave us their compliments knowing we had just arrived few days ago. That was cool! We were also so excited to greet our friends that had arrived at 6 AM and who were already there, of course D & S. We chatted all day got our bodies in a wrap and planned for the Tiko Tiko trip. We also planned for dinner and volleyball at the Orient Beach court.

Tiko Tiko cruise day! We had to be there early so we were sure to get on. We were 6 couples and all nude for the trip. All had suntan lotion a towel, sandals, cap and shades. I call that the trikini look (cap, shades and sandals)... LOL. Two of the other couples were traveling together from IN, so they knew each other and do visit each other back home. Another couples were from OH and were newbies to nudity, but a very nice couple as well. The last couple were from MD and had chatted on the Internet on a message page for Sint Maarten about that trip and met personally with D & S, our friends from IL.

Leaving Orient Beach to Tintamere Kay...

The trip took about 40 minutes to Tintamere, which is a Kay offshore of Orient Beach. On the trip we had drinks and all got acquainted with names and were from as well as minor details of profession and likes and dislikes. Once at Tintamere we were invited to dip in or to take turns to shore. I was the first to dive and felt ecstatic about doing what I have not done since teen years. Diving nude, was one of my first experiences back home! Once on shore, some went snorkeling, others sunbathed most chatted and some took pictures of some or all of us. This was also an exciting experience since my only nude pictures were either by myself or with my wife. Knowing the codes it was proper to ask all if OK. All said yes but made an agreement not to show anyone and to cherish them to ourselves which is great for us! These two pictures were taken as we arrived at Tintamere Kay. A secluded and pristine beach!

The other catamaran! Clothed people in it! They were in for a surprise!

Same catamaran! Clearer view of beach!

Soon after another catamaran was approaching, but all were clothed. Most were taking pictures and D and I walked over to them and told them if so ask and walked away! They understood, but some came and asked. D and I said Ok if we do posed with your wife even if she was clothed (the guys wife), she had a shit fit but he was fascinated by the fact. The lady finally agreed to stand between us and there I was with my friend from IL posing nude with the lady in between us. She kept checking us out since she couldn't believe that we were really nude and had no erections with her. She had a great laugh with us and we had a huge one on them! The man said to us that we had made their day worth for that picture, I said to him we know that that picture is not going anywhere with your wife in it between two naked hunks! We all laughed and off they went! Some others came; we either took turns to pose or did group shots.

After the catamaran left some started taking pictures again so we all posed for them with what I call the full moon! See for yourself why...

Big moon for all! LOL Which is me?

Then we had a nice lunch served with champagne or wine and back to shore. At shore Philip one of the members of the crew got mud and water and stared giving us a mud bath. That was hilarious, we all did each other's mud bath and had great laughs with that.

By 4:30 PM it started getting cloudy and decided to take off to Orient on the trip back! The sea was vicious and I got seasick. I have to say that even though I did get sick on my return I had met the most adorable couples at that trip and that we all have new friends to visit and make plans with for future ventures. My wife and I talk about them always since we got back and have been in contact with them since by the Internet.

I want to take a brief to thank them for having this experience be so wonderful and the best day of our trip. Since I will be mailing them a copy of this and wish to keep their identities intact I will only just write their initials: M&N, T&C from IN, R&P from MD, S&D from OH and my dear friends D&S from IL.

Once we arrived to shore they took good care of me and after an hour or so we all went for a nude dinner at the Papagayo on site at Orient Beach. That was the icing to the cake! Just a terrific day all together! Of course drove nude to my room and even got out of the car nude, it was late at night so nobody saw me! LOL

Friday and Saturday we had a bash playing Volleyball most of the afternoon. It was fun to move my muscles a bit and it felt great to smash the ball while nude. We met others those days and had fun as well. Saturday 3 couples from the Tiko Tiko went on a night on the town. We had dinner and then drinks and danced. That was fun even that we were clothed.

Last day of trip, we woke up at 6 AM, did our bags, did check out and took lodge to airport then drove to Orient Beach. We took a champagne bottle to toast with our friends and enjoy the day until departure at 2 PM back home. We chatted with another 2 couples from NY that we have met the year before and said good bye to all.

D&S that were staying at Orient were very kind to let us use their suite for a shower and get dressed for the rude world. We did knowing that we had a great time and that we shall do it again next year same week with all the members from the Tiko Tiko trip. A&A might even join us from NY.

Saint Martin Beaches...

The Northern Shore: From Pointe du Canonnier to Petites Cayes (Little Keys), it faces Anguilla. (On the map, from the left tip to the top tip).

* Baie aux Prunes (Plum Bay) can be accessed through the road to Falaise aux Oiseaux. Although quite beautiful, it is secluded.
* Baie Rouge is one of the beaches closest to Marigot. Good swimmers can reach another small beach around the rocks at the eastern end of the bay.
* Petite Baie is reached via the path to Trou de David. It is located facing Marigot Bay.
* Baie Nettlé is dotted with numerous beaches, seaside and lagoon side, in front of the hotels.
* Galisbay, or Baie de la Potence at the foot of Fort-Louis, is close to downtown Marigot, but of little use to swimmers, due to currents.
* La Plage des Amoureux (Lovers' Beach), a tiny sandy area hidden in the rocks of Pointe Arago, owes its romantic name to its size: It can hardly handle more than one couple!
* Friar's Bay is a gorgeous white and sand beach, well protected from swells, and made quite attractive through the restoration efforts of ecology-minded Laurent, whose restaurant is at the center of the beach.
* Happy Bay is your stereotypical tropical beach, white sand, black boulders, palm trees, and solitude. Ten minutes away, on foot, east of Friar's Bay.
* Grand-Case Bay is the setting of some of the most famous restaurants on the island. A growing number of pleasure craft moor in the bay. An ideal vacation setting.
* Petite Plage prolongs the northern end of the Bay of Grand-Case. Further out of town, with few hotels, it offers the best swimming.
* Anse Marcel is a very pleasant beach nestled in the magnificent Lonvillier harbor. Well sheltered from wind and swell, it is ideal for children.
* At the northernmost point on the island, Petites Cayes is your dream beach. It can be accessed through an easy 25-minute hike from Cul de Sac.

The Eastern Shore: It faces the Atlantic, with Saint Bart's as a background. (On the map from the north tip to the lower right tip).

* Grandes Cayes, near Cul de Sac, is a favorite picnic spot for Saint-Martiners. Numerous keys make it attractive snorkeling site.
* Cul de Sac is a small fishing harbor, in a well-sheltered bay. This is the departure point of the <>, the local boats which effect the shuttle service to Pinel and Tintamarre islands.
* Pinel Island is a small island near shore, which closes the Cul de Sac Bay. It is accessed in about five minutes by shuttle boat. The two magnificent bayside beaches are becoming overcrowded with restaurants and boutiques, but more secluded, very pleasant spots can be found ocean side.
* Tintamarre (Flat Island) is still a pristine island. Upon request, <> will take you from Cul de sac to glorious Baie Blanche. A hiking trail will take you to beautiful ocher cliffs on the North shore of the island.
* Baie Orientale (Orient Beach) is the most developed and most popular beach on the island, with a large variety of restaurants and boutiques. Water sports centers offer the whole range of activities available on the island. Part of the beach is a nudist colony.
* Caye Verte faces Orient Bay, a deserted islet facing the Antilles' Riviera!
* Galleon Beach surrounds a bay sheltered by a coral barrier. A great family beach as well as an ideal wind surfing spot.
* Baie de l'Embouchure is another windsurfing hot spot, a large beach left in its natural state.
* Coralita Beach, reknown among snorkelers is often exposed to the l'Atlantic surf.
* Dawn Beach, a sandy arc just South or Oyster Pond, is a magnificent site.
* Guana bay, facing Saint Bart's, doesn't see many visitors, despite its great beauty. Its breaking Atlantic waves are a delight for body boarders.

The Southern Shore: It extends from Pointe Blanche, near Philipsburg, to Pointe du Canonnier, at the Western tip of the island. (On the map, from the right to left tips of the island).

* Great bay, is a beach right at the center of Philisburg, it offers a background of huge cruise liners at anchor.
* Little Bay, just west of Fort Amsterdam, is a Sunday meeting place for Saint-Martiners.
* Cay bay owes its quiet to its remoteness. Hardly visible from the main road from Cole Bay to Philisburg, it is mostly attended by horseback and mountain bike riders.
* Pelican Key is a well-kept beach in front of hotels. Rocky outcrops shelter it efficiently from the surf.
* Simpson Bay borders an old fishing village and the airport runway. There are some beautiful old creole homes nearby, and very few people on the beach.
* Maho Beach is famous for its located at the very end of the airport runway. Excitement guaranteed when jumbo jets land or take off.
* Cupecoy beach is made up of a string off small beaches aligned at the foot of a limestone cliffs, whose colors turns a beautiful red ochre shade at sun-set. Some of these are a haven for naturists.
* Baie Longue extends from the bottom of the cliff at La Samanna, to the western end of the island. The Largest beach in Saint Martin, its has managed to maintain its natural, virginal charm.

Hope you do enjoy this narrative experience as we did. Any questions please feel free to e-mail me at beachgoer.


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