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o The European Naturist Resort Guide. The naturist Terrain Guide is an independent initiative to create a well structured source of information for all people searching for their ideal naturist holiday resort. This guide will give you clear information in 4 languages about most naturist resorts in European countries. We still have a limited number of resorts with extended terrain information. We hope to improve this in the near future. Possibly you can help us in achieving this and inform terrain managers during your holiday of the existence of this website. We also would appreciate if you could help us completing, improving and correcting our database. Let us know if you find any errors, mistakes, mistypes, etc, or if you have any other good idea in improving our site. Of course we offer camping owners the possibility to exploit a full-blown website on the internet and present their terrain for a worldwide audience. Also included is a sample letter to write to resorts asking for information. This sample letter is in six languagues. Visit the site for additional information.
o Naked Activities in Europe. Supporting and Promoting Naked Activities in Europe. Naked activites are harmless, healthy and fun and the more people who realise this the healthier, in both body and mind, the people of Europe and the world will be. The focus here is on outdoor naked activities because that is what I am particularly interested in: hiking naked in the remoter regions of the European Alps and environs. However this site also has links to many related activities, naked cycling, running and riding, etc. (and of course there are links to some of the more traditional nudist activities of swimming and sunbathing too). Visit the site for additional information. Also check the EUROPEAN BASED GOOGLE LOCATION MAP.
o Willkommen bei! - Welcome at! Naturism is practical. There is no swimsuit which pinches or tweaks, there are no embarrassing deathly pale spots on the backside. Naturism is also healthy, because one can rapidly catch a cold in wet bathing suits. Even Biblically there is nothing indecent about nudity: "They were both naked, the man and his wife, and they were not ashamed." On these pages all friends of naturism will find a lot of information about beaches, indoor baths, camping-grounds, and saunas for naturists in Germany, Europe and other parts of the world. This site is in German and English. Visit the site for additional information.



o The Kamchia Resort is a unique place between dense forest, the Kamchia river and the Black Sea. Here lies the widest nudist beach on the Bulgarian Black sea coast. Famous nudist destination. 25km. away from the sea capital of Bulgaria - Varna is situated an excellent spot for relaxation , holiday and sports. This unique spot which carries the pretty name of Kamchia resembles Spielberg's Jurassic Park much more then the civilized world of 20'th century! Visit the site for additional information.

oCzech Republico

o Czech Naturism - Index of all the 102 FKK places in CZ plus an index of all events and largest Forums about FKK. (the site has an English version). The last summer camp (2002), click HERE. Opening of season 2003 for us is the traditional NUDE running in our naturist forest - all about it at the preceding link. Summer, summer and still one time summer - for naturists! .. but the winter is very nice too as you can see HERE. Visit the site for additional information.
o Two adventures in the Czech Republic. Prague and Karoly Vary. 1. Prague. There is a lovely park in Prague, Dzaban, at the Dvora Sarka tram stop, that has a reservoir with a posted nude beach. Take the 20 or 26 tram to the end, walk down the path into the park, and at the bottom of the path you will see a reservoir on the right. Go to the right of the reservoir, enter the recreation area at the bar, and continue down the path to the nude area. There is a large grassy meadow with lots of towel space, and several places to enter the reservoir. Behind the nude place there is a rundown changing place with showers, and another bar (which was closed when I was there, but seemed to be in use often). 2. Karoly Vary (Carlsbad). Karoly Vary is an old spa town, with 19th century buildings and a tradition of spa cures. We visited Lazne III, the Bohemian Baths. To get there you park south of the spa area, and walk up along the Tepla river by the 19th century gingerbread buildings. You will pass a large modern hotel, Hotel Thermal, on the left, and then Lazne III on the right. Lazne III has a swimming pool/sauna/jacuzzi complex that is clothing optional. As a part of the $3.00 entrance fee you get a changing room and a sheet that serves as a towel and a toga. There is a single unisex shower area between the sauna and the pool. The pool is a large, beautfully lit pool about 4 feet deep, OK for swimming, heated to 28 degrees C. The sauna is 100 degrees F. The jacuzzi was opaque, and I didn't try it. About 2/3 of the people were nude. The guys with bathing suits looked pretty uncomfortable, and the nude people looked happy. Thanks Mickey for the report. If you wish to contact Mickey, click HERE. Make sure you mention the report you are referring to in the body of the email and that you want the email forwarded to Mickey.


o Bargerhoek - a new naturist center in Holland. Some years ago the naturist winter swimmers of NUL Emmen have opened in cooperation with the community of Emmen a new naturist center on the border of Emmen and Erica (province Drenthe, Holland). The center is 7,5 ha with a big natural pool of 1,5 ha in the middle of it. We have named it "Bargerhoek" the address is "Verlengde Herendijk" in the neighbourhood of the recreation center "Par Sandur". In our naturist center are places for 20 camping units. There is also a sand beach for daily visitors. You are welcome at our center! (Note from Jan: email address is bouncing and appears to be invalid. If anyone knows the email address for this place, please email me.)
o Holland. I visited the Netherlands (a.k.a. Holland) in July 2008. All of the beaches I visited had a nudist section at varying distances from the regular entrance, and are usually signed in multiple languages, such as Naturistenstrand/FKK Strand/Plage Naturiste/Nudist Beach. The end of a nude section is the same sign with a red line through it. Several beach entrances also had a map showing sections for nude use, kite flying, and boat launching. There are bicycle paths to get you close to the desired section. Unfortunately there are no further maps indicating which part of the beach you are near, although once you cross the dunes to the beach the breakwaters are numbered.

Scheveningen take a tram or bus to Zwarte Pad, walk 10 minutes north. Zandvoort walk 40 minutes south on beach from train station. Kijkduin walk 20 minutes north or 40 minutes south from bus terminus. Hoek Van Holland walk 30 minutes north from parking lot (+10 min to train). There is also a nice thermal spa near the eastern border, at Arcen. The large indoor and outdoor pools, restaurant and walk to change area are all textile, but the 6 saunas and small pool are required nude (after going through the appropriate male or female entrance!) Pay in advance for 2.5 or 4 hours and wear a microchipped wristband to which you can charge food, massage, etc. Pay balance to exit. Thanks John for the report.
o The Sauna Deco. June 2006. It is on Herrengracht in central Amsterdam, in an old typical canal house. The interior is a monument to Art Deco, having been imported from a department store in Paris. The establishment has two saunas, a steam room, and a cold plunge pool. It offers massages and snacks. There are various places for relaxing and reading, including a low-ceilinged room with mattresses on the floor reached by an amazing gilded Art Deco staircase. When I was there, on a Saturday night, it was rather empty, with an elderly clientele and a tired feeling. Thanks Mickey for the report. If you wish to contact Mickey, click HERE. Make sure you mention the report you are referring to in the body of the email and that you want the email forwarded to Mickey.
o Scheveningen. June 2006. It is the beach town of the Hague. Scheveningen is a long, beautiful beach, with a concrete promenade, restaurants and souvenir shops. The signs said that the northern part of the beach, a bit north of the promenade, is nude (FKK) - but it was December, and too cold for beaching. However, there is a superb sauna-pool-spa establishment on the promenade, the Vitalizee Thermen that makes the trip worthwhile. To get there by public transportation take the tram from Central Station to the next to last stop, Kurhaus Hotel. Walk behind the hotel, and you will see the Vitalizee Thermen, and the beach. Thanks Mickey for the report. If you wish to contact Mickey, click HERE. Make sure you mention the report you are referring to in the body of the email and that you want the email forwarded to Mickey.


o Naturist Beach and Camp - Natours Ltd. Szeged, Hungary. Welcome to the World of Naturism! Our site is not about that.... If you long for it, you will be disappointed. But if you would like to get to know the naturist lifestyle - what's more, you want to try it - you may well live it here not only virtually, but in reality. While browsing these pages you can see a lot from Sziki, where you can have the same experiences personally, from May to September, as what you see here. Facilities in the camp include telephone, snack-bar, a small restaurant with Hungarian specialities, showers with cold and hot water and flush toilets. There are open fire-places for cooking and a kitchen. The naturist camp and beach in Sziksósfürdő, Szeged cordially welcomes its naturist guests to relax and have a good time on 5 acres of park area. Szeged-Kiskundorozsma Sziksósfürdő Hungary. Address: Natours Ltd. H-6791 Kiskundorozsma, PoBox 26. Tel.: +36-62-422-488 (all of the year),+36-62-463-988 (in summer) Fax:+36-62-422-388 (all of the year). Visit the site for additional information or to make a reservation.


o Brixen/Bressanone in the Italian Dolomites Report. 2008. Italy acquired a bit of Austria after World War I - this area, the Sud Tirol (German) or the Alto Adige (Italian) is culturally German, politically Italian, and is obligately bilingual. I went to a meeting in Bressanone, between Bolzano (the capitol of the region) and the Brenner Pass into Austria. The hotel, Best Western Gruener Baum/Albero Verde, had a sauna area with a hot dry Finnish sauna, a steam room, and a biosauna, dry but only 50 degrees Celsius, with color lights. The area was obligately nude, with a sign that said 'Nackt Bereich/Zona Nuda/Naked Zone' in 3 languages. Most people obeyed the rules. The city also has a large typically German swim/sauna establishment, with lots of different saunas, steam rooms, indoor and outdoor cooling-off places. The swimming pool is textile, the sauna area is nude. The skiing was pretty good also, and nothing beats a sauna after a day of skiing. Thanks Mickey for the report. If you wish to contact Mickey, click HERE. Make sure you mention the report you are referring to in the body of the email and that you want the email forwarded to Mickey.
o I Nudisti. Italian: I Nudisti e’ il sito di un gruppo di persone normali, moralmente responsabili, singles, coppie e famiglie, che hanno in comune la passione di stare nudi. Anche se non e’ chiaro quale sia il confine che delimita naturismo da nudismo, brevemente possiamo presentare come nudisti la parte dei naturisti che amano spogliarsi dei propri vestiti, lasciando ai secondi l’approfondimento del naturismo come una filosofia vita. Visitando questo sito avrai la possibilita’ di conoscere gli uni e gli altri e capire quale sia il rapporto di questi con la nudita’. English: I Nudisti is the site of a group of normal people, morally responsible, singles, couple or families, that have in common the passion to be naked. Even if it is not clear the border that delimits the naturism from the nudism, shortly we can define like nudists the part of naturists that like to undress of the own clothes, leaving to the second the deepening of the naturism like philosophy of life. Visiting this site you will have the possibility to know the ones and the others and to understand which is the relationship of these with the nakedness. Visit the site for additional information.


o Fuussekaul Naturiste Camp Site. Camping Fuussekaul is a campsite where you, and your family are welcome all over the year. With this beautiful situation in the nature park "Upper Sauer", our campsite offers you a lot of possibilities for a relaxed holiday. During the high season there is a sociable holiday mood. During the low season it is time for action; walking, cycling, excursions, but also settle. You are welcome at the naturist club "De Reenert". Enjoy the pure freedom of naturism, joy of living, be closely committed to the nature at the first naturist campsite in Luxembourg. You will have a private camp ground at your disposal with about 40 pitches, which all have electricity. There are modern sanitary facilities. Our facilites: Outdoor swimming pool, TV room, playground, table tennis, badminton and "jeu de boules". Nearby there is a restaurant and camping shop. Address: 2, route de Bastogne L-9156 Heiderscheid. Telephone: (352) 83 96 59 - (352) 83 91 63. Fax: (352) 839707 (Note: For naturist information use the links to the "De Reenert" camp listed second NOT the "Camping Fuussekaul" above as it is a textile camp.) Visit the website or for additional information.


o Dutch portal Opzijnbest about naturists. Visit the website for additional information.
o De Amsterdamse Lichtbond" (ALB), situated in The Netherlands, just south of Amsterdam in the region "Gooi- en Vechtstreek" near the village of Ankeveen. Dutch ---> Naturistenvereniging Amsterdamse Lichtbond (ALB), Amsterdam, Nederland. Informatie over naturistenvereniging Amsterdamse Lichtbond (ALB), terrein De Molen in Ankeveen. De naturistenvereniging voor de regio Amsterdam, het Gooi, Eemland en Vechtstreek. Visit the site for additional information.
o Newspaper for naturists. Links, guestbook, Picture album, Sweden and Northern Europe. Website is in Swedish, English and Dutch. Visit the site or for additional information.


o Nasza Naturystyczna Strona (NNS) (English Version) is the most popular naturist web page in Poland. It contains information both on Polish naturist beaches, trip reports and visitors gallery. Though mostly in Polish, the page contains a comprehensive guide to naturist beaches in Poland, written in Engish. Please have a look! Visit the site for additional information.




o Arlenwald Hotel. Restaurant Burestübli, Arosa, Graubünden, Switzerland. Tel: 0813771838. The perfect location where rooms are scented of wood and where a big traditional green stove radiates its cozy heat into the restaurant. A place where someone cooks and cleans for you, and where they fetch many delicious things from the cellar and the kitchen. Where summer or winter the hardest decision once you leave the house is, whether to take skis, the sled, or the mountain bike. Or maybe just hike into the enchantment of the alpine wonder world. Hit a few golfballs, or cross country ski in the very same place - wander into the woods, where the fox and the hare greet each other.Observe cows in flower sprinkled meadows, then spend the time to learn how the holes get into the cheese. Later you might party until the cows come home. Imagine that place exists! Really it does not take that much to make a dream come true - let us help you with it! In the hotel, the sauna steam bath are naked, but the rest not. We are a winter resort and even in summer 7000 feet above sea level it's seldom comfy. There are places in the area to skinny dip too. Visit the site for additional information.

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