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o Berlin and Potsdam Report. August 2007. The Germans, especially the East Germans, have a very different attitude about nudity. We were in Berlin for two days. The weather was mediocre, but the sun did occasionally come out. A few people were sunbathing in Tiergarten, the great park in the center of the city. Some were nude, some were not. It didn't make any difference - there were no signs delineating nude and textile places. The Europa Thermen, in the Europa Center on Nurnberger Strasse, a block away from the main drag Kufurstendam, is a wonderful sauna/pool place, obligately nude. The swimming pool is mostly indoors, but has an outside channel. Several of the saunas are outside on the roof. The roof is that of a low building surrounded by some high rise office buildings. People lounge naked in the sauna garden, in full view of the surrounding office buildings. We stayed in a hotel near the Tiergarten, the Sofitel Schweizerhof. It had a huge pool which no one used nude, and a sauna area with a mixed area and a women-only area which, like all saunas in German, were nude. When we were there the only showers were in the woman-only area (Damensauna). So they put up a sign, in English and German, 'Dear Guests, the showers are for men and women'. Potsdam was the capitol of Prussia before Berlin, and after the Kings of Prussia moved to Berlin, they kept building summer homes in Potsdam. One palace is the CecilienHof, on a beautiful lake the HeiligenSee (Holy Lake). Just beyond the Cecilienhof (and an expensive hotel) on the north end of the lake, there is a series of three sunbathing lawns each of which has an easy wading entry into the lake. The two westward lawns are clothing optional, and the great majority of people were nude. Those people who wanted to wear bathing suits took their clothes off in public and put on their bathing suits, even on the textile beach. We were there between 4:00 and 6:00 PM on a Wednesday. The water was cool but not cold, clean and not algaed, with lots of fish and birds. At about 5:00 PM families started to show up, mothers, fathers, and children, most of whom took off all of their clothes. There were as many people in the clothing optional areas as there were in the textile areas. There is a little stand where you can buy drinks and soft ice cream just past the textile beach. You can reach the lake by Tram 692, the Cecilienhof stop. We walked down the east side of the lake, mostly occupied by huge villas. There was a tiny public beach about halfway down the lake. This too was clothing optional. Heiligensee is an idyllic place. It is certainly worth a trip should fate find you in Berlin. Thanks Mickey for the report. If you wish to contact Mickey, click HERE. Make sure you mention the report you are referring to in the body of the email and that you want the email forwarded to Mickey.
o The European Naturist Resort Guide. The naturist Terrain Guide is an independent initiative to create a well structured source of information for all people searching for their ideal naturist holiday resort. This guide will give you clear information in 4 languages about most naturist resorts in European countries. We still have a limited number of resorts with extended terrain information. We hope to improve this in the near future. Possibly you can help us in achieving this and inform terrain managers during your holiday of the existence of this website. We also would appreciate if you could help us completing, improving and correcting our database. Let us know if you find any errors, mistakes, mistypes, etc, or if you have any other good idea in improving our site. Of course we offer camping owners the possibility to exploit a full-blown website on the internet and present their terrain for a worldwide audience. Also included is a sample letter to write to resorts asking for information. This sample letter is in six languagues. Visit the site for additional information.
o Kristallbad Miramar, Weinheim, Baden-Wurtemburg, Germany. September 2008. Located in Weinheim, about an hour south of the Frankfurt Airport, easily reachable by the A5, exit Weinheim, once in the town follow the signs to Miramar. This is a huge swimming pool-water park-sauna complex with a textile swimming/water part/thermal area and a large entirely nude sauna area. The changing room for the entire complex is a sex-unsegregated place with no room for privacy although the showers are sex-segregated. You just take your clothes off in front of your locker and put on a bathing suit or towel depending upon your destination. The sauna area has indoor and outdoor saunas, a large outdoor salt-thermal pool (32 degrees C), and a lake with a beach. I was there on a cloudy day early in September, and the lake felt great after the sauna. There is a Hamam, a warm moist (but not steamy) marble-appointed room, where for 20 Euros you can get a Hamam scrub/soap massage which lasts half an hour. On Thursday and Saturday evenings the entire complex, not just the sauna area is clothesfree; unhappily I was there on a Sunday. There is a 100 degrees C sauna near the lake for the real devotees. There are frequent aufgusses - this is the funny ritual where the sauna fills up with people and then a bademeister comes in and pours scented water on the hot rocks and waves the hot scented steam around the room. I had one where he passed out honey dispensers, and you rubbed honey all over your body for its effect on the skin. If you are stuck at the Frankfurt airport for a while, it is certainly worth the trip. I like it better than the Taunus Therme in Bad Homburg, my previous favorite near Frankfurt. It is not as wonderful as the Therme Erding near the Munich airport, but boy do I wish we had something like it in this country. Thanks Mickey for the report. If you wish to contact Mickey, click HERE. Make sure you mention the report you are referring to in the body of the email and that you want the email forwarded to Mickey.
o Munich Airport Area Report. March 2007. For all North American naturist friends passing thru Munich Airport for business or fun. A great pampering offer is the Therme Erding (10Km from the airport) sauna paradise (30 US for 5 hrs). No words are able to express how nice it is. Over 20 Sauna's, Hammam's and more than a couple of enormous Swimming Pools are there for your enjoyment. This report is brought to you by Vincenzo.
o Willkommen bei! - Welcome at! Naturism is practical. There is no swimsuit which pinches or tweaks, there are no embarrassing deathly pale spots on the backside. Naturism is also healthy, because one can rapidly catch a cold in wet bathing suits. Even Biblically there is nothing indecent about nudity: "They were both naked, the man and his wife, and they were not ashamed." On these pages all friends of naturism will find a lot of information about beaches, indoor baths, camping-grounds, and saunas for naturists in Germany, Europe and other parts of the world. This site is in German and English. Visit the site for additional information.
o Thermalbad Aukammtal - Wiesbaden, Germany. September 2007. Thermalbad Aukammtal is a swim recreation area and spa in Wiesbaden, Germany. The swim and spa sections are separate areas, with bathing suits required in the swim section, and textile-free or nude preferred (German employee terminology--not mine) in the spa section. I made two separate visits to the spa. The spa section has 3 saunas, a steam room, and a hot tub in the downstairs indoor area; above the indoor saunas is an indoor lounging area and food & beverage area. There are 3 more saunas, a warm pool, sunning deck, lawn area, and 2 temperature-controlled solariums in the outdoor area. There a cold tubs in both the indoor and outdoor sauna areas (Germans seem to enjoy cycles of thermal shock). In both sauna areas, there is 1 sauna used for hourly infusions, where an attendant pours aromatic liquid on the hot sauna rocks, creating nearly instantaneous, sinus-opening, scented steam. The last infusion I sat through was so intensely hot and humid, I almost had to slither out of the sauna (tip for those who've never experienced this: don't sit on the upper benches, even if they're way in the back--though the steam is invisible, it rises to the ceiling immediately, and rolls along the ceiling to the back of the room without delay, making the top benches the hottest area in the sauna). A schedule is posted with the time and aroma for each hour: menthol, eucalyptus, lemon grass, orange, and chamomile are some of the scented offerings. When you enter the facility, you're given a wristband with a small, round sensor chip on it...looks like a small wristwatch. This sensor is used to get through the entry and exit turnstiles, open and close your locker, activate the tanning beds, and purchase food and beverages. So you only need to bring a towel with you for your entire time in the spa area... footwear, robes, and other items are optional. I brought my backpack in with snacks, water, sunscreen, and magazines, because I spent lots of time sunning on the lawn. We you leave the spa, they scan your wristband and you receive a single bill for the day use fee (15 Euros) plus anything else you purchased. Sorry--no inside photos on this trip...I don't think the other visitors would have appreciated it. I found it a little strange that several men and women were giving me second looks throughout the day. I was beginning to wonder if I should go look in the mirror for something weird on my face or backside, or if somehow they all knew I was American, even though there were no clothing fashion clues to my nationality. Later in the day I finally realized I was one of the truly rare among the German male populace....having been circumcised. Satellite photo during construction. The area bordered in red is the spa section; to the left is the swim section:

A view from the west end...

...and a view from the south. The indoor swim section is beneath the blue roof, and extends outside on the lower level; the section above the white wall is the outdoor spa section:

If you're ever in the Wiesbaden area, I highly recommend a visit to Thermalbad Aukammtal. You can find current information and inside photos at their website: Cheers! --NN. This report is brought to you by NevadaNaturist. If you wish to contact the author, he can be found on the message board under the same name.
o Therme Erding, Munich, Germany. October 2007.Just outside of Munich, about 20 minutes from the airport, is the worlds largest sauna establishment, Therme Erding. To get there from Munich, take the S2 to Erding. During the week there are two buses which go to the Therme. On weekends you have to walk 0.8 km. Or, if you are driving, follow the signs to Erding (off any of the Autobahns near the airport) and the road to the Therme Erding is well marked. There is lots of parking. You enter into a large entryway, with a store and and entrances for 3 different places: the textile thermal pool ("Badeparadis"), a water park with huge water slide (Cyclone), and the Sauna Paradis. The last time I visited the Therme Erding it was pretty wonderful. Now it is astounding. The changing area for the sauna formerly was the changing area for the entire establishment. Now it is limited to the sauna. In the changing area half of the lockers are between modesty cubby holes. The idea was that you went into a cubby hole with your bathing suit in your hands, and came out with your bathing suit on. The rest of the lockers dont bother with that particular nicety. You go through the men's and women's room into the junction between the textile zone and the old sauna area - half a dozen saunas, some lounges, a Kneip parcourse and a small pool which leads into a much larger outdoor pool. To the left is the entrance to the new sauna area. To the right is the old Roman area - a tepidarium, a caldarium, a steam bath, and a large but shallow pool into which music is piped - you only hear it if your ears are underwater. There is also a Jacuzzi here. The new sauna area begins with an Italian restaurant, in front of which is a large exercise pool at 26C. Tables for the restaurant line one side of the pool. Beyond the restaurant is a huge open area with an immense pool (see the picture) of water at 34 C. There is a swim-up bar, lots of different bubble bed and Jacuzzis, and a gateway to an equivalently huge outdoor pool, with more jacuzzi and bubble areas, and a circular 'river' with a current against which you can swim, or with which you can float. The area around the pool has 600 lounges, or so one sign said.

There are two levels of lounges - I took the picture (totally illegally) from the second level. To give you an idea of the immensity of the place, you can see a bunch of people at the swimup bar. The large glass window divides inside from outside. There is a whole other building, 'Stonehenge', shaped like the British monument, with more saunas and resting areas. You get there by walking outside from the restaurant area. They have umbrellas for rainy days so you dont have to get wet walking to Stonehenge. There are many saunas, at temperatures from 65 C to 100 C. Lots of showers, including a circle of showers shaped like huge lillies, out of which cold water flows at monster rates. There are aufgusses every hour. I tried one where the clients rub honey on themselves, and the saunameister put lemon-scented water on the stones. Another one where you rub yourself with mango scented salt and the saunameister used eucalyptus scented water on the stones. A majority of the people at Therme Erding seemed ambivalent about nudity. Almost everyone disrobed in the saunas and the pools, but many of them covered up with towels and bathrobes as soon as they got out. Despite the signs telling people not to wear bathing suits (for the comfort of the sauna guests) some did, even a few in the pools. On the other hand lots of people wore nothing all the time. Thanks Mickey for the report. If you wish to contact Mickey, click HERE. Make sure you mention the report you are referring to in the body of the email and that you want the email forwarded to Mickey.

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