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NOTE: these are OLD reports and are probably out of date.

o American River Gorge (Auburn) Report. 2005. Directions: From the center of Auburn, California, take SR 49 south toward Placerville. Crest the hill and begin down an extremely winding, steep grade. On the left are several turnoffs. Park at the first or second one, cross the road, and follow steep trails down to the river. The middle trail leads to the naturist area. [No part of this post may be reprinted or republished for commercial use without express permission of El Dorado Hot Springs. For personal and club use only. Copyright 2005 Camilla Van Sickle & Bill Pennington. Marca Registrata NUDISK]
o Black's Beach - First Time. 2003. I was raised in a very traditional Jewish background. We were supposed to dress modestly at all times. I never thought of going nude in private, much less in public. Then one day I came home from work very tired. I just wanted to put on my nightie and get into bed. But it was a hot summer day and evening, and I was sweaty, so I showered first--which is obviously the one thing I always did naked, though I never gave that any thought. I came out of the shower and dried off. I wasn't sweaty anymore, but I was exhausted. I just collapsed on the bed, too tired to even notice that I hadn't bothered to put anything on. I fell asleep in minutes... (click link to read the rest of the report.)
o BLM Lands Report (southeastern California). 2003. BLM lands generally have nothing in the way of facilities, so *most* areas are not often used, except during hunting season. For you easterners, it will be a long trek: BLM lands are generally found from New Mexico to Montana, and westwards. (Including some in Alaska, but that's for the polar bears among you.) I took a break from driving during my last California to Florida trip, and stopped off at some BLM sites. (One on the way to Florida, the other on the way back about a week later.) The sites I stopped at are along Interstate 10, between Blythe, CA, and Desert Center, CA. It's straight-up Mojave Desert, so bring at least a gallon of water per person, even if you only plan on being there a short while. (Your vehicle could get stuck, break down, etc., and you might be looking at a ten-mile hike back to the Interstate. The object is to *make* it, not be found halfway back. Besides, you'll have to carry your clothes, as well... (click link to read the rest of the report.)
o Buckeye Hot Spring Report. August 2005. Lots of great photos. Buckeye Hot Spring is a natural spring located near the town of Bridgeport, California, on the north side of Buckeye Creek in the Toiyabe National Forest. This region is situated in a valley along the beautiful and scenic eastern Sierra Nevada Mountain Range. The easiest route to Buckeye is accessible by 2-wheel drive vehicles under normal road conditions. Part of the route is dirt road and is subject to washboard, mud, snow, and ice conditions, depending on the season and recent weather. From U.S. Hwy 395 in Bridgeport, take Twin Lakes Road for about 7.3 miles/11.7km, then turn right on Buckeye Road (FS017). Follow Buckeye Rd. for about 2.7mi/4.3km, where you’ll come to a bridge crossing the creek. Continue across, turning right at the fork in the main road and about .4mi/.6km to a parking area on the right... (click link to read the rest of the report.)
o Calfornia NetNude Gathering Report. 2005. My pilgrimage to the 2005 Net Nude gathering began Monday evening, April 4th, with a flight to Las Vegas, Nevada. At about the time of my arrival in Sin City that night, Las Vegas Bare Hiker (LVBH) was on his way home from work, and just happened to stop by the airport, looking for a navigator for the long drive to DeAnza Springs Resort and all places in between. What a coincidence!...I was going to the same place!!! Tuesday morning, our first planned stop was at Deep Creek Hot Springs, near Apple Valley, CA, and since we wanted an early start for the 3-hour drive, we awoke long before daybreak. After packing and repacking our gear in LVBH’s Jeep, I was reminded of the beginning of the Beverly Hillbillies show, as I looked at the load we’d stuffed to the ceiling. For the rest of our journey, I’d hear the banjo replay of the theme song every time I got in the vehicle. We got on the road while the sky was still dark and the traffic was light... (click link to read the rest of the report.)
o Cinquo Palmas Oasis Report. 2004. We'll still keep searching for our ideal hot spring, but we couldn't have come much closer than Five Palms Warm Well, aka Palm Oasis Hot Spring, 13.4, p. 37; we were at home there. Through a three inch pipe, an artesian well delivers good tasting, clear 92 degree water to the large soaking pool, even in the dead of Winter, which really felt a lot better than we thought it would. The temperature is probably perfect in Summer. Like a true desert oasis, Five Palms is by far the most exotic and picturesque, a la a South Seas island, warm spring we've visited to this point. It's really a neat place with a clean sandy bottom and scenery that never ceases to please the eye... (click link to read the rest of the report.)
o Corn Spring (BLM Land) Report. Summer 2005. Corn Spring is on land under the control of the U.S. Bureau of Land Management, which is to say, it's the public's land. The spring is also out of the way, and sunny. In short, ideal conditions for nude use. For the GPS crowd, try Lat. 33° 37´ 34¨, Lo. -115° 19´ 30¨ -- I don't own a GPS, but the place happens to be on the edge of a mapsheet, which makes the measuring a bit easier. For the topographically challenged, it's off Interstate 10, about 28 miles west of the California-Arizona border, and about ten miles east of Desert Center, California. Take the marked exit, turn left at the truck parking lot, and go east until you see a standard street sign labelled "Corn Spring Road". It's a dirt road. The BLM claims that only a four-wheeler should try it, but any two-wheel drive auto can make it. About eight miles in is Corn Spring, tucked in behind the mountain. You can't get lost; it's the *only* road in... (click link to read the rest of the report.)
o Crowley (Wild Willy’s) Hot Spring Report. August 2005. Lots of great photos. Crowley Hot Spring, also known as Wild Willy’s, is a natural spring located in Long Valley, California, southeast of the town of Mammoth Lakes. This area is considered the mother lode of hot springs in central CA, situated along the scenic eastern Sierra Nevada Mountain Range. To get there, from U.S. Hwy 395, southeast of Mammoth Lakes between Mammoth-June Lake Airport and Lake Crowley, take Benton Crossing Road (there’s a small green church on the southeast corner of Hwy 395 & Benton Crossing Rd.) in northeasterly direction for about 3.1 miles (5km). Just past a cattle guard across the road, turn right on a dirt road, and follow it for about 1.1 miles, stay to the right at the large rock, take the left fork after the rock, and continue for about 0.3 miles to a gravel parking area. From there, you’ll see a sign at the beginning of a boardwalk trail, which leads to the hot pools about 200 yards away... (click link to read the rest of the report.)
o DeAnza Springs Resort Report. Short Report on the 2005 NetNude Gathering. April 2005. I have 511 pictures, starting with Take off from Toronto Saturday April 2nd, and ending with our landing in Toronto Monday April 11. Saturday night the resort held their annual Trailer Trash/Tattoo party. I was there with Rob and Bernie, and Jan claims to have been there, but ...... we didn't see her, and she didn't see us. (Note from Jan: Rob, Bernie and Sandy left early as we arrived at 9:30 and stayed until 2:00 a.m.) Sunday night we took over the Bar and had a welcoming party. Monday night we took over the Bar and had another party. Tuesday we drove to Mexico.. to a little place just across the border, called Tecate. We had a tour of their brewery. We parked on the U.S. side and walked across the border, as insurance cost for a rental vehicle was not worth the risk. Wednesday was the All Day trip to Walmart in El Centro. We had a B.B.Q. that night, and David & Alice brought some sort of meat that had been marinated for a few days.. :) Sounded like Eric Estrada, so the name stuck. James brought his telescope and some of us got to see the Rings of Saturn and a few moons of Jupiter, along with the Milky Way, and Orion's Nebula. We visited Black's Beach on Thursday. We survived the climb down (and back up) the 350' cliff, (I have pictures). The steps had mostly been washed out by the mudslides earlier in the year. (not the kind you drink) LOL. I hope Alice is feeling better. I can still hear a whistling in my ears. The outdoor pool wasn't open when we arrived, but they did take the signs down on Thursday, just for us. The pool temp was 58F. I ventured in, but only for a picture. :) Alice went into the pool too. Bernie (from Burlington) went in and swam 2-3 times per day between jumping into the Hot Tub. No one else braved the waters. We gathered a few people together to discover and excavate the Pentanque Court and actualy got to play a few games Friday afternoon. A few days were chilly, But if you stayed by the plexiglas walls of the pool, you could feel the heat of the sun, and we all got fairly tanned. We did have frost on the car windows on 2 occasions (that we know of). We had a "tornado" pass through on Friday night. David & Alice had to run for shelter in Bob's trailer at 2 a.m. as their tent ripped and came down around them. Midnight aka Shithead, has now been re-named TOTO. Rumour has it, the winds were 70mph which is only Gale force, but all our camping trailers along with the 3 Park models shook and the pilot lights went out as the wind blew through the siding &/or windows. The Heat went out at Midnight, and all power went out at 7 a.m. Thursday. The water tower pump burned out due to the power failure, and we had to wait for parts to arrive, on Sunday afternoon. All was restored by 4 p.m. Sunday, and we left at 5 a.m. Monday. All in all, we had a blast, cos we were with friends,..... the joking and camaraderie was well worth the trip. Sandy.......glad to be home, and planning a trip to FLORIDA from now on. (with thoughts of Tucson???). Thanks Sandy for the report!
o DeAnza Springs Resort Report. January 2003. DeAnza Springs Resort: Jan 2003. I can't say that I've ever been treated better than at DeAnza Springs. The people at the desk shook my hand and gave me a truly heart-felt welcome. I only stayed for the day, so I can't speak of the accomodations. The pool and clubhouse area are very nice. The best, however, is the hiking. Incredible rock formations, gorges, and mountain vistas await. It's highly recommended for the adventurous. Thanks Drew for the report.
o First Time at DeAnza Springs Resort. April 2002. I recently had my first time social nudist experience. Needless to say I was very apprehensive at first but it was something I had wanted to do for a long time. I had contacted De Anza Springs on the internet and they were very friendly and I was invited to attend. As the day approached I gathered things together as I had read were necessary to bring. As I approached the gate, I rang the bell and a cheerful voice asked if this was my first visit and instructed me to the office, the door swung open and I entered. I had done it! I was actually here! The grounds are very large and open, surrounded by beautiful mountains. I was given a short tour of the facilities and asked if I had any questions, and a few moments later I was told that they hoped I would enjoy my stay. There were a few people walking around in various states of undress, all so casual and matter of factly. My tensions that I had brought with me seemed to fade, and I quickly undressed, closed my eyes for a moment, and walked into the world of nudism. It felt wonderful!! I had a great time, I met and talked to some of the nicest people I have ever met, and in a very short time I was not ashamed of my nudity in front of others. The short amount of time I spent there that day helped me rid myself of a lifetime of negative thinking about body acceptance. I will go back, and am so glad I finally took the plunge. The only thing I would caution first timers like me is to be sure and use sunblock, especially on sensitive areas or on skin that usually isn't exposed. It may prevent a painful sunburn. I love the look of an overall tan. Thanks Mike for the report!
o DeAnza Springs Resort Report.March 2001. I too have had the greatest time at DeAnza Springs Resort. The best part about this place is that it's so big I didn't feel caged up like a wild beast, not like at this one place I been to before outside of Los Angeles, (without telling there name), with too many leaders they don't know what's going on half the time under there own noses, sporting asphalted grounds and a small patch of grass to lay out on near there gated hard surface volleyball courts so placed as to get hit upside the head by children playing, "toss the ball over the fence and smack a person silly". It most be a new game I have not had the pleasure of playing before are seeing before that one sunny day under there only shade tree while relaxing with a good book on how to grow your own farm of chickens and piglets. A book I found in there rustic damp club house of no windows. And a cook who needs a few quick brush-ups on how to serve a decent bowel of tossed salad! DeAnza Springs Resort offers lots of open spaces to explore and to feel at ease in peace and of natural beauty. With no chance of getting hit by a childs play thing that made it's way-ward travels to land on top of your head. May the sun always shine on your day. Thanks Gregory for the report!
o DeAnza Springs Resort Report. 1999. I arrived at DeAnza Springs Resort on Monday afternoon, May 17, after a 5-hour drive from Phoenix. The resort was easy to find, only 1.5 miles from the Jacumba exit on I-8. (If you're coming from the other direction, the exit is 74 miles east of San Diego). I checked in at the office and found that they had reserved a nearby site for my '85 Chevy van conversion. I was able to pull through, as it appears you can do with most of the sites. After getting comfortable, I began to look around... (click link to read the rest of the report.)
o Dearth Valley Warm Spring, California, Report. 2004. We have our friend Skip Hill to thank for this one. It's a nice one on hot days -- it seems we always hit Tecopa when it's 110 in the shade, so soaking here is nice in that weather because the water is a comfortable 95 degrees in summer. In winter, the water isn't quite warm enough for a good soak, due to a relatively low flow. Free nude soaking and camping on public land. Elevation: probably below seal level... (click preceding link to read the rest of the report.)
o Deep Creek Hot Springs (California) Report. October 2001. Of all the naturist activities available, visiting a natural hot spring has got to be one of the most fullfilling. To me, its what its all about: a healthy and sometimes heart-pounding hike to the spring location, relaxing in the hot water flowing from the ground, cooling off in a nearby creek or river, and laying on the ground basking in the sun, all enhanced by being away from the entrapments of modern world. With this in mind, on a late October weekend I made a couple of hikes to Deep Creek Hot Springs outside of San Bernadino, California... (click preceding link to read the rest of the report.)
o Deer Park Nudist Resort Report. October 2002. Deer Park Nudist Resort is associated with AANR. Single males who are AANR members may enter at any time. If they come off the street and join AANR at the resort, they may enter also. We are single(s) male friendly. Non homophobic. Currently there is a single male waiting list for DPNR membership however. Currently, DPNR has a resident manager. DPNR is also a trailer park with associated resident problems. It has been there since 1942 and current management is striving to make the resort more 'user friendly'. Thanks Joe for the update.
o Desert Shadows (First Time) Report. Spring 2003. I have been a home nudist for several years. I sleep nude and spend many hours naked around the house. I finally got the opportunity to visit a nudist resort this Spring and after hours surveying the net, selected the Desert Shadows Inn in Palm Springs, since it is singles friendly. To my surprise, they had availablility on short notice for Easter weekend, so I booked a room for the weekend. I had decided to stay nude from arrival to departure in order to feel the full sensation of relaxation and freedom nudism has to offer, this was another reason to select Desert Shadows as it is a "nudist" resort and not just "clothing optional". I was greeted warmly at the desk and after a brief tour of the facility, shedding of the clothes was the order of the day. I wasted no time in going natural, grabbed a towel and book and headed for the pool area. I spent the next two days reading, relaxing and generally enjoying the nudist experience. Even though most were couples, I did not sense any animosity towards me as a single. I was pleased too that the restaurant was completely open to be enjoyed sans clothes. When the time came to check out, I waited until the last possible moment to return to textiles. The feeling of freedom and relaxation was better than I had anticipated and I anxiously await a time when I can return to a nudist environment. Unfortunately, there are no singles friendly resorts or campgrounds close to my home and I have to travel to find one. So until I can return, I have pleasant memories of my first nudist weekend to occupy my mind. Thanks Jim for the report!
o Desert Shadows Report. June 2002. We just spent 7 days at paradise... we spent 7 days at Desert Shadows. We booked into a two bedroom villa and D/S really out did themselves... if anyone reading this has a desire for a GREAT vacation..NUDE..this is the place... Steve, Ray, Sue, and Linda have really got a handle on Great Times... Not one problem... they checked to see if all was ok...and the other couple that was with us really enjoyed the time with D/S... One comment on the side...Desert shadows has a real gold mine with their maintenance man Rudy... He is one of the most professional, cordial and helpful people...If there is any recommendation to D/S, it's treat this guy right...he really promotes what you are trying to do there... Everything we experienced at D/S was top grade...Please keep up the wonderful job...we will be back... J&J west virginia. Thanks John and Jean for the report!
o Desert Shadows Inn Report. Spring 2002. Well, I thought my wife and I had seen just about the best until we arrived at breath taking Desert Shadows Naturist Resort in Palm Springs, CA., and therein lies one of its many charms . . . located right smack in the middle of town with a very adequate barrier between you and the hustle and bustle of everyday city life. What a marvelous contrast! And what a unique concept... (click link to read the rest of the report.) Thanks Ray for the report!
o Desert Shadows Inn Report. 2002. We arrived about 1a.m. at Desert Shadows. Our concern about getting our room at that late hour was unfounded. Upon arrival the night mgr. showed us our room & parking for our rental car. The room was a one bedroom Villa, with a great view of the San Jacinto Mts.. I mention this because in our 25+ yrs. of travelling to nudist parks/resorts the brochure and the real product sometimes don't reflect each other. Not the case here. Desert Shadows Inn & Resort (DSIR) website and brochures were straightforward and reflected exactly what you'll find. Again our Villa was superb, outdoor shower, complete kitchen, fireplace, etc.. ALL the things you needed or chose to do were a few steps away, ie: pool, tennis court, hot tub, restaurant... (click link to read the rest of the report.) Thanks Patti and Bobby for the report!
o Desert Shadows, Palm Springs, Report. February 2001. In August of 1999 I started planning a dream vacation. I have always wanted a winter vacation in the sun. Even with the internet I had no Idea where to start. I have been a member of the AAA for over 30 years so in Dec 2000 decided to call them. The AAA told me about Desert Shadows Inn & Resort (DS). I logged on to their web site and read it over and over. This was the place. But when I found out how much 10 days was going to cost I damn near fell out of my chair. I read a number of reports on your web site (NetNude), they were all good. (your web site was the first site I booked marked).... (click preceding link to read the rest of the report.) Thanks Bruce for the report!
o Desert Shadows Report. February 2001. My wife and I just spent one of the most wonderful vacations of our life.. we arrived at desert shadows on monday.. we had the customary tour of the facilities and then we were sent out on our own. We first had a great lunch in the cafe/restaurant. It was great. Then we brought our luggage up to the villa suite. The rooms were beautiful. We had a second floor suite. beautiful view. although temperatures were lower than expected.. we were able to get 3 to 4 hours of sun the first day. The entire staff was really helpful..from the front desk to the maintenance guy, they went out of their way to make sure everything was right. Three pools, two jacuzzis, and wonderful people to meet and visit with the entire week we were there. Some may consider Desert Shadows a bit pricy, but from our very positive experience, it was well worth every cent. Our highest recommendations to every aspect of desert shadows. We are going back. Thanks S. and J. for the report!
o Desert Shadows Report. Early 2001. My wife, Sandi, and I visited Desert Shadows recently. This was our first naturist experience and we chose Desert Shadows because of some outstanding recommendations that it had received on several Web sites. Certainly the visit was everything that we could have wanted. Desert Shadows picked us up at the Palm Springs airport to take us to the resort. Michael would greet us and put us at ease when we first arrived, and within a short time we felt like one of the regular crowd. Throughout our stay all the employees were very pleasant and most helpful. We stayed in the courtyard, where the rooms are patterned after the style seen in 1940s Palm Springs. They were quite nice and very quiet. We toured the rest of the rooms at Desert Shadows and found them all to be quite nice, especially the villas. One can eat at the Sunset Cafe, where we found the food to be quite good and reasonably priced. Most nights however, Sandi and I would eat at one of the restaurants in Palm Springs. The Spa was small but nice. One activity that we did this first trip, which would turn out to be really special, was to have a body sculpter made of Sandi by Curt Hamilton. We recently received this and were very pleased. We highly recommend this resort, and if you have any questions don't hesitate to email us. Thanks Charlie and Sandi for the report!
o Desert Shadows, Palm Springs, Report. October 2000. When I found that I was going to attend a conference in Palm Springs, CA. and that my employer would pay the additional expenses of my travelling on Saturday rather than Sunday (there is a great difference in airfare) I immediately looked into another way to save money. Rather than spend four nights at the big resort where the conference was going to be held, I offered to spend two of those nights at a smaller resort that would be even less expensive. Well, Desert Shadows Inn might be smaller (no large towers, but it does occupy an entire block) but to me it was a lot fancier... (click preceding link to read the rest of the report.) Thanks George for the report!
o Desert Shadows, Palm Springs, Report. 2000. We just returned from a GREAT couple of days at The Desert Shadows in P.S., our first trip to both. Our reaction to Palm Springs itself was not good as we had rather expected either a Beverly-Hills-in-the-Desert or a Scottsdale (AZ) environment - it was neither!... (click preceding link to read the rest of the report.) Thanks Tim & Olga for the report!
o Desert Shadows Inn Resort Report. 2000. My husband and I decided to try something new for a short weekend away from the lights of Las Vegas and chose Palm Springs and clothing free for the first time last weekend. I was a little nervous (understatment) but the staff was very welcoming and so were the other guests. After five minutes, we were hooked... (click link to read the rest of the report.) Thanks Deborah for the report!
o Desert Shadows, Palm Springs, Report. September 1998. Labor Day Weekend at Desert Shadows - Palm Springs, CA. Our trip starts in the Midwest as we head west for a weekend getaway. We have heard that Desert Shadows is a very nice upscale resort, and want to check it out. We’re flying America West, which means we must change planes in Phoenix. After much misinformation, delay and annoyance (another story), we finally reach Palm Springs airport at 9:00 p.m. If we weren’t ready for some rest and relaxation before we departed, we certainly are now. As we get off our commuter plane, we’re struck by the small town appearance of the airport. It's right out of the 1960s. There are no jetways, coffee stands, and no enclosed walls! The main (only) concourse is open air. Its about 80°F and the desert air is cool and refreshing. We stroll by a few lighted palms as we walk to the terminal... (click preceding link to read the rest of the report.) Thanks Eclectic for the report!
o Fort Ord Beach Report. 1999. This isn't a report on some far-off resort, this report is on my favorite free beach. While Monterey County, California may have an anti-nudity ordinance, the State Parks fall under the jurisdiction of the California State Parks Department rangers, who have a more tolerant view towards individual freedoms... (Click preceding link to read the rest of the report.) Email Gaucho for more information.
o Glen Eden Report. June 2004. Much has been improved. I would say the crowd has changed immensely. There is a younger group of people, and I would say the gender balance is closer to 50-50 than it was previously, which is a positive sign. They always have first class entertainment and Saturday night was no exception. They had a country western band which was very versatile and played a variety that all seemed to like. "Back Yard Rodeo." The entire pool area has been redesigned with a waterfall and increased deck space. The cafe has improved under new management. They have added two tennis courts and lots of landscaping. They have a new dog park to prevent the dog problems of the past. I would say there is a whole new attitude there which was the reason we quit going there and moved to DeAnza Springs. I am convinced you would like it there now. We did and I was skeptical about it after the hassles we had been through. None of those personalities are around now, one has been banned for life (Long story). Much of the improvements can be credited with the current manager, Gail Hansen. The past three managers "went with the flow" and didn't want to create waves, etc. Gail had made waves and it has been good. We endorse Glen Eden now. Thanks Jerry for the report!
o Harbin Hot Springs in Middletown Report - rebuttal to report below. October 2002. Just read the 9/2002 trip report 'hit' on Harbin Hot Springs by 'noodmood' and felt it our duty to rebut this gross misrepresentation. This was obviously written by an individual who utterly demolishes the facts and the true Harbin 'experience'. We ought to know, we've been life members there for nearly two decades and have regularly visited this natural wonderland since the mid-70's. First. This rustic and historic facility is operated by the Heart Consciousness Church - which does not and never has spiritually pressured or proselytized anyone... nor have they ever practiced anything of a 'demonic' nature. Their 'church' is and has always been incredibly accepting and tolerant of any and all religious beliefs and typically incorporate many spiritual practices... often representing those of the people in attendance at any given time. As for 'acceptance by their management', we can refute the existence of any religious litmus test. That would fly in the face of everything this organization has ever represented in its entire history. They pride themselves on acceptance of all religious followers, except those based in intolerance or cruelty to their participants or animals. Second. While the springs and sunbathing areas have always been clothing optional, the rest of its vast grounds are often hiked either clothed or nude. We've never been admonished for being naked anywhere outside. Clothing is required in their restaurant.... and we suspect this is in regard to mandated county and/or state health and sanitation codes for public restaurants. Apparently, the author of the preceding trip report never bothered to acquaint himself with any knowledge of Harbin. As for nudity, we've rarely ever seen anyone wearing swimsuits in the springs... nearly everyone is nude there or around the two sundecks. Third. While certainly not glitzy and modern like Laguna del Sol or Paradise Lakes, Harbin is every bit as clean as most resorts we've visited such as Lupin, the Sequoians, or the Willamettans. Their pools have state-of-the-art sanitation systems in addition to monthly draining and thorough scrubbing. We suspect that appearances must mean everything to 'noodmood' and he just can't accept the open and alternate dress code of many, if not most of the residents or clientele. Most residents and many visitors we could accurately term 'gentle vegetarian folk', not the booze-swilling crowd so common at all too many AANR parks and their 'dances'. In fact, recreational drugs and alcohol are forbidden here. Even tobacco use is limited to a small area near their parking facility... outside the entrance gate. No, Harbin isn't for everyone... but 'noodmood' certainly presents a very biased and myopic 6-hour view of this cooperatively-run retreat. It's too bad he and his wife didn't stay longer so they could speak with a modicum of expertise. If you're looking for an amusement park, Harbin is not your place. But, on the other hand, if you want to be at utter peace with yourself or loved one, this resort and its beautiful natural environment is nearly a heaven on earth. As for massages, I doubt you could find a better one anywhere. Sure, we've met a few people over the years that wouldn't return to Harbin, but the vast majority become frequent soakers... For an accurate 'view' of Harbin Hot Springs, check out their website: Thanks RobC for the report. If you wish to contact the author, he is on the message board under the name 'RobC'.
o Harbin Hot Springs in Middletown Report. September 2002. Although their literature invites you to enjoy "The Harbin Experience", it is something that we hopefully will never be subjected to again! Hopefully this information will help you avoid making the same mistake in visiting this place. Although promoted as a clothing-optional retreat, the majority opt to wear clothes. We scheduled a visit for our 9-year anniversary (we’ve been members of AANR for the same amount of time) and were planning on staying several days and booked the works on the massages, etc. The place is open-minded spiritually, as long as you agree with their beliefs! Apparently, if asked whether you’re a Christian, you must deny your faith in order to be accepted by the management. We even attended one of their little chanting sessions out of curiosity. We sat along the back wall with others that were obviously curious, as well. What we saw were spiritually-blinded regulars chanting & swaying senselessly to their demonic deity, while sniffing incense and eating some melon (?) ceremonially cut and offered on their alter. I guess our biggest offense was passing on their holy-melon platter when it was brought over to us. In a casual conversation with only one other, we were accused of proselytizing! (Not even by the other person, but by a guy named Phil, who apparently is involved in managing this dirty, run-down facility.) We were not - that’s not our style. As Christians, who like to have fun and also enjoy clothing-optional recreation, we just came from several days at Laguna del Sol and Wine Country. We do not push our beliefs on anyone - that doesn’t work anyway! However, if asked what we believe and why, we are prepared and will provide an answer with love and respect. Save your time and money and don’t go to this freaky spot. We demanded a refund (and received it) and left after being there only about 6 hours. Even that was more than we could take of this place! I hope this information will help you avoid making a big mistake and wasting your time and money, while on vacation! Thanks noodmood for the report!
o Harbin Hot Springs in Middletown Report. October, 2000. The paved road ends at Harbin’s gate house where you pay the fee and obtain your car park validation. They provide a map of the area and you will need it because they have numerous facilities. It’s about a block to the parking area from the gate house. You then proceed uphill past the small smoking deck and through an ornate Dragon’s Gate that protects the premises at night. You pass the office as you walk up a slope to a gazebo on the square. At the square are a vegetarian restaurant, coffee house, small store, theater, and a sundeck. Just ahead are residential buildings for overnight guests. Campsites are scattered along the floor of the valley out of sight... (click preceding link to read the rest of the report.) Thanks Paul for the report!
o Harbin Hot Springs in Middletown Report. September, 2000. We have just got back home from a visit to Harbin Hot Springs in Middletown, CA - a couple of hours north of San Francisco and just 40 minutes from Calistoga, at the northern end of beautiful Napa Valley. We were just driving through Napa and decided to try Harbin at the last minute, on the chance that they may have vacancies. We were lucky and managed to get the last room.... (click preceding link to read the rest of the report.) Thanks Tim & Olga for the report!
o Kiva Information Taken from brochure, with permission, 1997. Visit their website at Singles-friendly!
o Kiva Retreat House Report. Santa Cruz, 2001. Your friends would do well to visit Kiva Retreat House in Santa Cruz on Waters Street. Great place to go nude, get a massage, soak in the tub, etc. Not really a nudist place, but I've NEVER seen anyone wearing a optional officially, but always nude. Wonderful place. Thanks David for the report!
o Kiva Retreat House Report. January, 2000. In January I made my first of what I hope will be many trips to the Kiva Retreat House in Santa Cruz, California. Luckily, I picked a beautiful weekend to visit the bay area. Instead of the normally cool (by California standards) and rainy winter days, when I stepped of the plane from Toronto I was greeted by sunshine and temps in the high 60's and low 70's. I made the short drive from San Jose to Santa Cruz then headed to Kiva. The $12 admission plus another 2 bucks for a towel and lock was a bargain for the experience that was to come. After shedding my clothes I had a quick shower then headed into the sauna... (click preceding link to read the rest of the report.)
o Kiva Retreat House Report. Spring, 2000. Kiva is a nudist dream come true! To be honest, it is my idea of what nudism should be. I am 29 and seemed to be in the average age group. On this night there were more women than men, and there was absolutely no problem. I asked a number of the women if they had problems with any men bothering them. ALL of them said that they feel totally at ease there. There is a policy of respect at Kiva that must be followed or you will be asked to leave. The tea and water make the experience even nicer as the tea is a relaxing tea and the water is filtered. Both are at no charge. There is a fireplace room where you can nap, do yoga, meditate, read, etc. In short, it's a welcome spot after soaking and baking for a while. They also offer massage at very reasonable rates. All the practitioners are very professional and very, very good. Kiva was the highlight of my Silicon Valley trip. I hope everyone gets a chance to visit one day. Oh, although the official line is "Clothing Optional" at the entire facility, nobody ever wears anything. Also, for women who don't shave (this has come up in some of the posts) this place is for you. Many of the women don't shave anything and are just as comfortable as those who are shaved. Thanks Dave for the report!
o Laguna Del Sol - Motor Cycle Poker Run. June 2002. Had been planning a motorcycle trip to LA to visit my sister and family around July Aug. Was surfing the net and came across the Motor Cycle Poker Run put on by Laguna del Sol. So I changed my holidays to early June and added an extra week. I spent 4 nights there and had a blast. Just wish I had a companion with me. But non the less I was there by myself. Most of my trip from BC to the south end of Oregon was cloudy overcast sky's. By the time I hit the south end of Oregon and N CA the weather had cleared and started to warm up rapidly. By the time I got to Sacramento the temps where 100* + . Got lost in Sacremento . Got behind a truck and trailer and beside another and missed the turn off. So I ended up touring around the city a bit till I got back on track. Ended up getting there a day earlier than what I had said. But No problems.... (click preceding link to read the rest of the report.) Thanks Jim for the report!
o Laguna Del Sol Report. Summer 2001. I get the opportunity to visit many resorts worldwide while on business. Of all my visits in 2001, Laguna del Sol stands out above the rest. I am often solo because my wife is unable to travel with me everywhere. Therefore, I can give a thumbs up to LdS from this perspective. The ladies at the front desk were the friendliest I've ever met and the facilities were immaculate. Wonderful walks, swims, and companionship are awaiting anyone who visits. I would stay all summer if I could. Thanks Drew for the report!
o Laguna Del Sol Get-Together and First Time Experience Report. Summer 2000. My first experience of social nudity was in the Summer of 2000, at Laguna Del Sol, California. I live in England, so, had to catch a plane at some un-earthly hour of the morning - and those who know me will vouch that I am NOT a morning person! LOL. Anyway, as luck would have it, the flight was delayed by 90 minutes, which meant that I missed my allotted connection flight, through to Sacramento. This meant frantic phone calls from San Fransisco airport to Sacramento, where Dave in OR was waiting to pick me up! Anyway, by five PM, we were headed out to Laguna, via a grocery store, where Dave bought enough food to feed the five thousand!! (Including some pancake mix, as I had remembered American style pancakes from a previous visit to the States. YUM!)... (click preceding link to read the rest of the report.) Thanks JC/UK (John) for the report!
o Living Waters Spa Report. 2004. You just have to try this one! Die hard naturist owners Judy & Jeff have created a nkkd heaven out of an old motel in hot mineral water rich Desert Hot Springs, Golden State. Formerly advertised for couples, Living Waters accepts all responsible people for overnight or day visits. Living waters is the only nude use hot spring out of nearly 50 such places in Desert Hot Springs; nearby Turtleback Mesa follows the same sensible course. In winter, nice views of snow capped mountains regale the western horizon. At any time of year, thousands of windmills just south of town producing pollution free electricity warm one's heart. Sauna, free Wi-Fi internet access, rooms with or without full kitchens, lockers, great massage by either Judy or Jeff, club room, modified American breakfast for overnighters, afternoon hors d'oeuvres, plus much more, make Living Waters an experience to remember. LIVING WATERS SPA, 13340 Mountain View Road, Desert Hot Springs, California 92240. 760-347-5358. [No part of this post may be reprinted or republished for commercial use without express permission of El Dorado Hot Springs. For personal and club use only. Copyright 2005 Camilla Van Sickle & Bill Pennington. Marca Registrata NUDISK]
o Living Waters Spa Report. Desert Hot Springs, California. March 2004. Jeff and Judy Bowman have built a paradise in Desert Hot Springs, about two hours from Los Angeles International Airport. They renovated a small 1950's motel (the Kismet Lodge sign is still there) which spent some time as a low income housing project, and made it into a serene, beautiful clothing optional spa. We drove up to find a plain white building with a funky motel sign, and a locked door with a button. Looking at it from the outside you cannot believe that there will be something wonderful on the other side of the door. Jeff answered the door, a towel wrapped around his waist. A sculpture blocks the view from the entrance, and once around the sculpture it is if you had used a subtle knife to enter an alternate universe. You can see a large hot tub, a swimming pool, and some simple but beautifully furnished motel rooms, with king size beds, lots of pillows, and incredibly soft and fluffy towels. The first day we left the spa to go hiking in Joshua Tree National Park. The next day we just hung out, reading, sunbathing, soaking in the tub, swimming in the pool, talking to the other people who were there. The place is officially clothing optional, but everyone was nude, including Jeff and Judy. Jeff and Judy are certified massage therapists, and a two night stay includes a massage. In addition they gave a little couples massage workshop one evening, which we and two other couples took. The workshop was respectful, gentle, sensual but not sexual. We both learned a lot about touch. They serve a simple breakfast, with excellent coffee, fruit, bread and cereal, but no other meals. The wonderful thing about the place is its peaceful aura and happy feeling. Jeff and Judy have made it their lives' project, and clearly enjoy it as much as their guests. Living Waters Spa is small, but perfect. Thanks Mickey for the report. If you wish to contact Mickey, click HERE. Make sure you mention the report you are referring to in the body of the email and that you want the email forwarded to Mickey.
o Lupin Lodge Report. May 19, 2001. We had a mini heat wave here in NoCal last weekend and we decided on a last minute trip down to Lupin. Nestled in the hills behind Santa Cruz it is only a few minutes west of San Jose and easily accessed from all Bay Area locations, just off Highway 17. Set in a beautiful, private and 'woodsy area; we have not visited Lupin in many years. The narrow driveway leads you from the public road through the trees, past a little creek up to the offices. Once you sign in at the office you are given a 20 - 25 minute walking tour of the facilities including Club House, tennis court, volley ball courts, pool and hot tubs. There are camping areas and dedicated areas to park RV's. An unusual bonus is a network of (nude) secluded hiking trails in the surrounding hills... (click preceding link to read the rest of the report.) Thanks Timothy and Olga for the report!
o Lupin Lodge Report. October, 2000. In October I had the opportunity to spend 3 days at the Lupin Naturist Club. This was my second visit to Lupin, the first one happening earlier in the year but for only 1 night. That didn't leave me much time to enjoy the facilities so this time I was going to stay for awhile longer. My early evening flight into San Jose arrived a bit late so I rushed to get from the airport to Lupin before the office closed. The Friday night traffic out of San Jose was stop and go, making the normally 25 minute trip take closer to an hour but I did end up arriving with plenty time to spare. They also let me know that after-hours arrivals are not a problem, so my worries about being late were needless. I had rented a car for my stay as I was visiting friends in the area but Lupin can arrange airport transfers for you if you choose. I would recommend getting a car so that you can visit other Bay Area nudist areas such as the Kiva Retreat House and the many beaches along the coast, although for your first visit you'll probably find that Lupin provides you with everything you could possibly want... (click preceding link to read the rest of the report.)
o Lupin Lodge Report. Spring, 2000. Lupin is a wonderful resort. It is by far the most friendly nudist club I have EVER been to. I was welcomed immediately by the staff and members who were there, despite being there in an unaccompanied status. The weather was horrible, but I still went nude. After soaking in the 90 degree pool and hot tub I ventured in for dinner. What I found was a welcome unlike any. I was the SOLE nude person at dinner, and everyone seemed to have fun with it. No stares, but lots of cheers. Like I said, the weather was horrible!Any single would feel welcome, male or female regardless of race. I saw Black, White, Hispanic, Asian and every other color under the sun. Everyone should treat themselves to a visit to Lupin. Thanks Dave for the report!
o Morningside Inn, Palm Springs, Report. March 2005. My wife and I spent a pleasant weekend in Palm Springs, staying at Morningside Inn. This is a small, friendly place with a nice sunning area, swimming pool, and hot tub. The rooms are quite small, but comfortable. The other guests were friendly, and, surprisingly for my experience in the clothing optional world, relatively conservative. Several smoked. They were clearly not hippies grown old. The guests were mostly in their 40's through 60's. The owners, Jill and Vern, serve a simple breakfast (English muffins, coffee, bagels, butter, bananas, orange juice, hard boiled eggs, dry cereal) and snacks in the afternoon. They do not serve dinner, but it is possible to grill your own. If you want to leave the inn, there is only a short walk to several very good restaurants in downtown Palm Springs. Palm Springs is convenient to some wonderful desert hiking: Joshua Tree National Park, Indian Canyons, Ansa-Borrega State Park, and the desert was in bloom last week. It is a pleasure to hike all day, then go back and be able to take off all your clothes and relax. On the way back from Palm Springs we spent an hour on Black's Beach in La Jolla. You follow the signs to the gliderport off North Torrey Pines Road, and follow the surfers down a steep path to the beach, ignoring the sign that says the cliffs are unstable and dangerous due to the recent rain. We had hiking sticks and used them going down - the path was muddy. On a warm Wednesday noon most of the nude beachers were male, but there was nothing unesthetic happening (as has been occasionally complained about at Black's). Thanks Mickey for the report. If you wish to contact Mickey, click HERE. Make sure you mention the report you are referring to in the body of the email and that you want the email forwarded to Mickey.
o Morningside Inn, Palm Springs, Report. Summer 1999. Morningside Inn is a jewel hidden in the Palm Springs glitz. We spent two wonderfully relaxing days with a small and diverse group of nudists (only 10 rooms) who were friendly and accepting to two novice nudists. My wife arrived thinking she would end our planned two days before it got started, but was naked within an hour and stayed that way most of the time. We are already planning a return. Great place to get started. Thanks Newdbie for the report.
o Pirate's Cove near Pismo (Avila Beach). Summer 2000. There are TWO Pirate's Coves... one in Zuma (listed below this report), and the one I go to which is near Pismo (Avila Beach). You take the exit off of 101 to Avila Beach, and then, make a left on Cave Landing Road, opposite the golf course.. go up to top, look south, and you'll see the beach...not a bad hike to it either. I go to Pirate's Cove every chance I get. This Pirate's Cove is gay/straight/male/female, open and friendly to all. Major weekends, you'll find volley ball games, and people even hauling BBQ's down there to make it a real day! Thanks Ric for the report!
o Trip Report (Pirate's Cove near Avila Beach, CA) Report. September 2002. We went to Pirate's Cove(in San Luis Obispo County near Avila) again the last weekend in Sept. 2002. Although we have made several visits there before, this is the most recent update to share with others: Still a great place to visit, although you must be prepared to ignore the increasing number of clothed looky-loos that hang around. My wife has slightly annoying when they kind of watch her and other females walk by (their heads turn from front to back as the females go by). These numbers have increased gradually in the six years we've been visiting here. In spite of this, this beach has a very nice (and friendly) group of regulars (locals) that can be found there nearly on a daily basis, and semi-regulars that go as often as possible. The ages vary from small children to older adults (retirement age plus some). Singles and marrieds, families, and college pals co-exist very peacefully on this beautiful beach. Often on weekends you will find a volleyball game going at the far end of the beach as well as dogs chasing frisbees! We very much recommend this beach for a great clothing optional beach experience. Ladies, just be prepared to block out the gawkers. Take Hwy 101 to the Avila Beach exit and go about 3 miles up the road until you see the golf course on the right. Turn left(Cave Landing Rd) and go up the narrow road about 1 mile. Parking is on a dirt lot and some on the side of the road. There is a nice little trail going down to the cove. Great exercise! CalifBob (and lovely wife Denise). Thanks CalifBob and Denise for the report!
o Pirate's Cove in Zuma , California. Episode in January 1998. Do not go there alone.
o Pyramid Hot Spring Report. 2005. This one is located amidst the absolutely spectacular scenery of the lower Kern River Canyon at 1,855 feet above sea level. Nude is the norm in the 101 degree pool available most of the year, but forget it during the spring freshet or after a heavy rain -- there's so much water rushing down the canyon that the soaking pool is invisible beneath the raging torrent, as it was during our last visit heading for Alaska in June '04. The pool is small; four good friends is all it can hold. This is a remote location; most services are in Bakersfield, 17 miles to the west. Free nude camping is available on public lands nearby. DIRECTIONS: At the bottom of Kern River Canyon on SR 178 east of Bakersfield, begin climbing into the canyon. A little more that 2.2 miles in is a paved parking lot on the north side of the road. Pull in there. 45 degrees downstream on the opposite bank is a 12 foot high rectangular boulder under which is the soaking pool. Various faint trails lead down to the river where one must hop boulders to the other side to reach the hot spring. DO NOT ATTEMPT TO DO THIS IN TIMES OF HIGH WATER. Enjoy! [No part of this post may be reprinted or republished for commercial use without express permission of El Dorado Hot Springs. For personal and club use only. Copyright 2005 Camilla Van Sickle & Bill Pennington. Marca Registrata NUDISK]
o Saline Valley Warm Springs (Death Valley) Report. March 2002. This year's spring break from the Canadian winter was a trip to the Saline Valley Warm Springs in Death Valley, California. Officially, Death Valley is second on the list of hottest places on earth. That makes spring and fall great times to visit, with its pleasant warm to hot temperatures a far cry from the furnace-like 130 degree days of summer. Death Valley is due west of Las Vegas, the destination of my flight. If you travelling to the area by plane then Los Angeles can also be considered as a starting point; the driving time to Saline Valley is pretty much the same from both cities. However, starting from Vegas let me see more of Death Valley, avoid the traffic of LA's freeways, and spend a few minutes at a roulette table before crossing the Nevada/California border...(click preceding link to read the rest of the report.)
o San Gregorio Beach Report. Spring 2002. San Gregorio Beach is a privately-owned CO beach that abuts the north end of San Gregorio State Beach. The beach itself is at the junction of Hwy. 84 and Hwy 1, about 10 miles south of Half Moon Bay. SGB is almost two miles long and has dozens of driftwood shelters (like short log cabins without ceilings) to hide from the wind and have some privacy. Very popular with gay men, mixed couples and single females are rarely seen at the beach. Cost to park in the private parking lot above the beach is $2/person with a $5/car minimum. The beach is so long, it’s very easy to find a stretch of beach a couple of meters long all to yourself. A water hose and portable toilets are available only in the parking lot, nothing on the beach itself. Most common complaints about the beach are public sex (which is illegal) and too often being overcast and windy. Thanks John for the report!
o Shepherd Hot Spring Report. 2004. This is a really cute nude soak in the Hot Creek area east of Mammoth Lakes, California, known as The Mother Lode Of The Eastern Sierra. Many other nude soaks, including Big Hot, Little Hot Creek, Molly's, Crowley, Travertine, Buckeye, Old Benton and others are within day trip distance. The whole area is a gold mine for nude soaking. Natural mineral water flows from a nearby spring at 125 degrees; the temperature in the stone and mortar pool is controlled by a valve -- PLEASE DO NOT leave the valve open upon leaving or else the next soaker(s) could be scalded... (click link to read the rest of the report.)
o Sierra Hot Springs, California. October 2001. I enjoyed Sierra Hot Springs last year, so decided to spend more time there this past October. Actually spent most of a Saturday, Sunday, and Tuesday among the tall pines about 30 miles North of Truckee, California. Sierra Hot Springs is enchanting and most relaxing. After the trip from Reno, I checked in and immediately hiked up the rustic trail to the Temple Dome and warm pool. Temple dome pool was hotter this year...they allowed more heat to move people through the pool quicker. It is fairly small and enclosed in a dome with a Budda and two cold tubs. Outside the dome is the large warm pool. The big sundeck offers a view of the valley. It is about 100 degrees and is a large, wonderful soaking pool. A balanced mix of people there this time...all nude. Later, went to the Medicine Pool. It is a fairly small pool at the edge of a forest of pines and the camping area. Nice warm pool with sand bottom and some rocks to sit on as you soak. Smell the pines and watch the birds. Great. Some overnight guests still there on Sunday, but many different folks each day just there for a few hours or the one day. Took a my first yoga lesson on Tuesday, just to see what it was like. Pretty tiring! The setting is wonderful and the people are friendly. Truly a great get-away where you can enjoy the pools and the other people in a wooded mountain setting. It is an easy drive from Reno, Tahoe, or the Sacramento area. I will certainly return any time I am in the area. Thanks Paul for the report!
o Sierra Hot Springs, California. 2000. Sierra Hot Springs is about 30 miles north of Truckee, CA, on the north shore of Lake Tahoe. It is located in Sierraville, CA. I spent a night and day there in late October and really enjoyed myself. The springs are all clothing optional and there were only one or two females who chose to wear suits. It is clothing optional except within view of the road, but it was too chilly in October to be nude except near the pools. They have a rustic lodge with rooms and shared bath facilities. Also have a coed dormitory in the lodge, but my stay in it was spoiled by a guy who snored loudly. I ended up taking my blanket downstairs and sleeping on a couch. Slept like a baby on the couch. They have an outdoor hot spring-fed swimming pool that stays about 100 degrees year-round. Adjacent is a domed hot spring with sand bottom that is about 106 degrees...very nice layout. You have to walk up a dirt trail about 2-3 blocks from the parking lot to reach the pool and dome, but the view is nice and it is an easy walk. My favorite spot was a outdoor hot spring with a sand bottom and rock edging out in the middle of a pine forest...away from the lodge. It is also about 100 degrees and is a great place to lay back and relax in the warm water while inhaling the pine scents and fresh breezes. I was surprised to find quite a few people there, considering it is a rather small facility. Friendly people, vegan kitchen, and a nice wood burning stove in the lodge. Also hiking trails. I will definitely return for a longer visit next time...but not to stay in the dormitory room. Thanks Paul for the report!
o Stewart Mineral Springs, California, Report. 2004. On the way to Bellingham, Washington to catch the ferry for Alaska, in the warm glow of 14,000+ foot high Mount Shasta, we ran encountered a lovely, quiet retreat called Stewart Mineral Springs with newly expanded clothing optional use. Ordinarily, we don't visit places with artificially heated water, but in this case, it was natural mineral water that was being heated and once we saw the inspiring view of majestic Mount Shasta, smiling down in all directions, we just had to stop and bask in that warmth. Later we learned that Shasta isn't visible from the springs proper, but the place was so nice, it made little difference; the warmth was still there... (click preceding link to read the rest of the report.)
o Tecopah Hot Springs Report. 1999. It was my good fortune to hear about this free public facility just after leaving Death Valley when I was only a few miles away. I had stopped at a small market for some fruit and soft drinks where I met a young couple who were bicycling around the USA. I shared some experience with them on road conditions in Death Valley and they in turn told me about Tecopah where they'd spent most of that day.... (click preceding link to read the rest of the report.) October, 1998. Thanks Peter for the report!
o Tecopa Report. 1999. After reading about the Hot Baths (spas) in Tecopa Ca in N&N 15.2, my wife & I knew that was where we wanted to spend our next getaway. We arranged for a few mid-week days off from work, and made plane & RV reservations. The closest RV rental I could find was in San Bernadino, but they would pick us up at the Ontario airport for no charge, so O.K. Both Southwest flights were PACKED as most of them are these days, so reserve ahead. The flight home was overbooked; some travelers got paid for being bumped... (click link to see the rest of the report). Thanks anders for the report!
o Terra Cotta Inn Report. February 2004. My wife Kelly & I recently returned from an 11 day getaway at the Terra Cotta Inn, a couples-only 17 room inn located in a residential area in the northern part of Palm Springs, California. The Terra Cotta Inn is one of several nudist resorts in Palm Springs. The others are Morningside Inn (smaller and, apparently, more oriented to weekend visitors) and Desert Shadows (much larger with the now-famous nude bridge). There are also several other clothing-optional spots in Desert Hot Springs, a city just north of Palm Springs. This was our first visit to Terra Cotta and to Palm Springs. Somewhat oddly, there is a daycare center right next door to the inn, something that confused one first-time visitor that we talked to who drove right past the place not believing that a nudist resort and a daycare could be so close together... (click link to read the rest of the report.)
o Terra Cotta Inn Report. October 1998. It was after dark when we arrived at Terra Cotta Inn, but we were warmly welcome by our hosts, Mary Clare and Tom and quickly shown our room and invited to join in at the hot tub where some other guests were enjoying the warm water, chatting and watching the stars overhead.... (click link to read the rest of the report.) Trip report by Jennifer M.
o Terra Cotta Inn Report. 1999. We stayed at the Terra Cotta Inn in late March 1999 and had the best experience we have ever had at any clothing optional or textile hotel, motel, inn, or shack. Mary Clare and Tom are the most gracious hosts one could ever find. The atmosphere and accommodations were excellent and we met some of the nicest people. We both highly recommend The Terra Cotta Inn to anyone whether they're nudist or not. March, 1999. Thanks Kirk & Raedene for the report!
o Tecopah Hot Springs Report. December 2004. From our friend Betty who just left Tecopa: Baths are not free any more. Started charging $5 a day on Dec. 1, $25 for weekly pass. Still two separate bathhouses and they remain nude only. Know there was talk at one time about allowing suits (i.e. optional) until remodel and central pool built. Maybe there were too many complaints-anyway still nude use only for foreseeable future. Are closing at 9 pm however so no late soaking anymore. All giant steps backwards. A half century tradition is going, going... Thanks Camilla & Bill for the report.
o Wild Mint Hot Spring Report. 2005. Directions: From the center of Cedarville, California, go south on Surprise Valley Road, CR 1, passing through Eagleville. From Eagleville, go 8.6 miles to an abandoned cement dwelling on the right (east) side of the road. The soaking tank is between the house and the road. Report: Located on the only road from Gerlach, Nevada, to Cedarville, California, Wild Mint Hot Spring is completely surrounded by mint plants that can be picked and put in the water or brewed into tea. Neat! Wild Mint is on private land and is far enough away from Burning Man so that it's not closed around the time of The Event. Free nude soaking. Free camping. One may need a sock and tennis ball or something else to stop up the drain. In winter it freezes and snows regularly at this 4,625 foot elevation hot spring, so plan accordingly. Pick up what you need in either Gerlach or Cedarville; the general store in Eagleville wasn't open last time we went through. The hot water flows out of fissures in the rocks and is carried to the pools by multiple pvc pipes which may be moved aside for less flow and a cooler soak. It's not the greatest soak, but it's an interesting one with the aroma of wild mint wafting through the air. Though it's within sight of the road, no one minds the customary nude use. [No part of this post may be reprinted or republished for commercial use without express permission of El Dorado Hot Springs. For personal and club use only. Copyright 2005 Camilla Van Sickle & Bill Pennington. Marca Registrata NUDISK]

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