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Lighthouse Beach on Fire Island Report.

July 16, 2008

My wife and I are relatively new to the nude experience and have been visiting various areas in Massachusetts and New York. Among the New York areas, Lighthouse beach on Fire Island is far and beyond my favorite. This is a posted "Clothing Optional" beach which is populated by family's, couples and individuals. Fire Island is just past Long Island and is connected to Long Island by a causeway.

We have never visited the beach on a weekend but on a nice weekday you will literally find hundreds of nude or mixed beach goers over about a mile stretch of sandy beach. Lighthouse beach is composed of two sections separated by a large lighthouse that is a tourist attraction. There is a small section in front of the lighthouse, that is only a few hundred yards wide, which is designated textile only. My understanding is that this was done to protect the tourists visiting the beach in front of the lighthouse from having to encounter nude sun-bathers.

I have never encountered any inappropriate behavior and everyone on the beach seems friendly and open. The water is warm (for the Atlantic) by late June but the surf can be rough with some strong rip tides and undertows. You will encounter people in all states of undress from fully nude to just topless and some fully clothed. There is a small amount of clothed walkers but they are small compared to the nude population.

The beach to the east and west of the lighthouse have very different characters. The western end (where you will enter from the boardwalk) is generally very heavily populated and it is not unusual to see people playing Frisbee or ping-pong. It is more of a mixed crowd of family's, groups, couples, and individuals. If I had to describe it in a couple words, I would probably say it is more boisterous and active, like a densely packed textile beach.

The beach at the eastern end (east of the lighthouse) is more sedate and less populous. This section is composed more of couples and individuals and they are a bit more spread out. It's a nice area to go on a relatively secluded walk or just lie in the sun. This area might be the better choice if you or a companion is nervous about the experience.

To access the beach, get yourself to the Robert Moses Parkway and take it all the way to the end. You will come to a big traffic circle with what looks like a lighthouse (this is not the lighthouse of "lighthouse beach"). Go about half way around the circle, following the road with the signs to "Field 5" parking. Enter the Field 5 lot and park as far to the left of the parking attendant booth as you can. Parking costs $8 as of this writing. At the far left end of the parking lot (to the far left of the beach house) you will find an entrance to the board walk.

The boardwalk in and of itself is a nice nature walk with signs and history of the area and wildlife. Walk all the way to the end of the boardwalk until you reach a gravel road (about a 10 minute walk.) and then turn right. Follow the gravel road a short distance until you see another boardwalk on your right. Take the second boardwalk over the dunes and you will see the "clothing optional" sign and a bunch of nude sun bathers.

At this point you are in the heart of the western section I described above. To get to the less populous eastern section, take a left on the beach and start walking towards the lighthouse. You'll see a small sign at the top of the beach as you approach the lighthouse warning you that this is a "clothed section" and then as you go a very short distance you'll see another sign indicating clothing optional.

If you fly, you can go to either Islip airport or Farmingdale (Republic) airport and rent ground transportation for a short drive. They are about equi-distant but the Sheltair FBO at Republic offers pilots a car for $59/day. Any questions feel free to email me.

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