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o Gay Naturists International. The worldwide association of gay male naturists. We're perhaps best known for our annual Gathering, which I believe is the largest annual naturist gathering in this country. Every August, the GNI Gathering attacts 800 men from a dozen countries and 20 states to an up-scale campground/resort in the Pocono Mountains of Pennsylvania. In the last couple of years, GNI has also launched gay naturists cruises on grand sail-powered vessels in the Caribbean, and these have been highly successful. The coming cruise, in March, will feature two ships sailing side by side, and there are only two berths remaining. It's a very fun, lively site, full of information, and, additionally, links to naturist organizations of interest to the gay nudist. The site has lots of photos of events and sports and the beauty of nature; the tone is nude and non-sexual. Visit the site for additional information.
o International Men Enjoying Naturism - The premier gay male naturist organization serving over 1,000 members worldwide. IMEN is an independent organization for all gay, bi-sexual, or gay-sensitive males, over the age of 18, who enjoy the naturist/nudist lifestyle and/or many of the aspects thereof. We maintain close ties with the mainstream naturist community through The Naturist Society and The Naturist Action Committee. Visit the site for additional information.
o NextGenN... Next Generation Naturists. An organization working to promote naturism among the next generation, for young adult naturists (18-30). Visit the site for additional information.


o The Australian Nudist Federation. The main role of the A.N.F. is to promote nudism on a national scale, and to encourage interclub social and sporting activities. Each year during the Christmas holidays the annual A.N.F Convention and sports Rally is held. For ten days, providing the weather is suitable, you can literally live life in the nude. Much of the program is devoted to organised interclub sporting competitions, but there is usually a good range of other social and entertainment activities offer. Visit the site for additional information.
o Free Beach Association of New South Wales - Bob Reed, President of the Association states that "the Association was successful in December 1996 in having the Bathing Act changed by the New South Wales Parliament. The outcome means that they now have five beaches that are legally sanctioned in the State for recreational nude bathing. Three of the beaches are situated right on the beautiful Sydney Harbour. These beaches are within 30 minutes drive from the centre of the city. Their home page on - BEACHES - gives full details on these beaches. Under - ARTICLES - there are photos of the nude wedding on Cobblers Beach at Mosman. As well there are photos of the annual nude surfing event on the world famous Bondi Beach. Visit the site for additional information.


o Federation of Canadian Naturists (FCN), with La Fédération Québécoise de Naturisme (FQN) constitute the national nudist organization in Canada. Internationally recognized by affiliation to the International Naturist Federation, we strive to: promote naturism/nudism to Canadians; help naturists and nudist find how and where they can enjoy the naturist / nudist life; represent the interests of Canadian naturist/nudist individuals, families, clubs, resorts, and organizations. Federation of Canadian Naturists, Box 186, station D, Etobicoke, ON M9A 4X2. Phone: (416) 410-NUDE for additional information.
o Federation of Quebec Naturism (La Fédération Québécoise de Naturisme). The FQN is the only organisation with the mission of promoting Naturism in Quebec... therefore to people like you. Founded 20 years ago in 1977, the FQN assures the naturist movement a permanent presence among the general population by : being a spokesperson for Naturism (media and governments); representing the interests of all naturists in Quebec, including those of Centres & Clubs; promoting the creation of new Free Beaches and defending the use of the ones that already exist; maintaining a permanent office at Montreal's Olympic Stadium, where the doors are open 12 months a year, to serve it's members; jointly with the FCN, the "Federation of Canadian Naturists", we represent the country in the worldwide naturist movement through our affiliation with the INF "International Naturist Federation". Website is also in French! Visit the website for additional information.
o TERA - Topfree Equal Rights Association is an association that helps women having legal difficulty going without tops in public places in Canada where men are allowed without tops, and informs the public on this issue. Visit the site for additional information.
o Young Canadian Naturists - The New Generation of Naturism. We are a group of twentysomething women and men who enjoy the naturist lifestyle. Our group is based out of the Toronto (Canada) area but we encourage young people from anywhere in North America to communicate with us. Check out the site for the events listing and the links to other young naturist groups from all over the world. Visit the website for additional information.


o Israel Nudist Society whose aims are: 1.To bring to a better understanding under the Israeli people and its leaders what real nudism and its principals are. 2.To unite all the nudists, either individuals as well existing groups in Israel, in order to form a strong group who will struggle for creation a legal cadre and for reservation of free places where nudism can be practiced in cadre of the law. 3.Creating a social cadre for joint activities. Site is in English and Hebrew. Events, experiences, questions and answers. If you have any inquiries, visit the website.


o Unione Naturisti Italiani (U.N.I.) was founded on 1964, at Zurich and is affiliated with the FE.NA.IT. (Federazione Naturista Italiana). Site includes: places to practice naturism in Italy including "Le Betulle" resort in La Cassa, and their magazine: INFO-Naturista. Website is in Italian with English translations. If you have any inquiries, visit the website.


o Sports et Loisirs Naturistes, Luxembourg (SLNL) or Naturist Sport and Leisure, Luxembourg. First Naturist club in Luxembourg. Affiliated with the Luxembourg Naturist Federation and with the International Naturist Federation. In 1987 we became the owners of a 4-hectare Naturist site within easy reach of Luxembourg City. This is a small paradise of greenery away from tourist traffic and is reserved exclusively for our members. Eight or nine times a year you will receive our Club Newsletter, with information about naturist activities in Luxembourg and abroad. In March 1996 the association was accepted as the tenth member of the Luxembourg Camping and Caravan Federation (FLCC). Address: Boîte Postale 1626 * L-1016, LUXEMBOURG. Tel/Fax: (00352) 63 92 50. GSM: (00352) 091 63 92 50. Visit the website for additional information.

oNew Zealando

o New Zealand Naturist Federation Inc., is a national organisation representing the interests of incorporated societies, businesses and individuals who enjoy and promote the benefits of social nudity. Some of the contents of the site include: history of officers; promotions; contact network; skin cancer survey; membership: recruitment & retention; sports handbook revision; nudist gatherings; NZNF Rally; and much more. If you have any inquiries, visit the website.


o De NFN, de Nederlandse Federatie van Naturistenverenigingen, is de organisatie voor naaktrecreatie in Nederland. Op deze site informatie over verenigingen, tijdschriften, een activiteitenagenda, naturisten vakanties, en diverse links naar andere sites. Deze site is alleen in het Nederlands.
o The NFN , the Dutch Federation of Naturist Associations is the organization for nude-recreation in the Netherlands. On this site you can find information about associations, magazines, activities, naturist-vacancy's, and several links to other sites. This site is in Dutch language only! For more information, visit the website.


o The Norwegian Naturist Federation (NNF) is the federation of the 10 naturist clubs in Norway. NNF is affiliated with the International Naturist Federation INF/FNI. (Surface Mail - Norsk Naturistforbund, Box 189 Sentrum, N-0102 Oslo, NORWAY. Visit the site for additional information.


o A Associacao Naturista de Portugal (ANP) surgiu com o intuito de corporizar um movimento de uniao e entendimento entre os naturistas portugueses, que funcione como instrumento de divulgacao de ideias, interesses e iniciativas. Pretende a ASSOCIACAO NATURISTA DE PORTUGAL criar as condicoes indispensaveis, quer a nivel organizacional quer infra-estrutural, para que a pratica naturista em Portugal se torne cada vez mais uma realidade. Visit the site for more information.


o National Federation for Naturism - RUSSIA - The National Federation for Naturism is the officially registered public organization and obtained all legal rights to carry out it's activity within the territory of Russia. Every year clubs are welcoming new members. There are now more than 20 clubs all over Russia forming a strong foundation for the naturist future in Russia. Every year they hold a naturist conference to discuss what has been done and what should be accomplished. Visit the site for more information.


o Spanish Naturism Federation (FEN - Federacion Espanola de Naturismo). Complete list of beaches and resorts in Spain. Clickable map. Site also contains listings of the Spanish Associations and mailing lists (email lists) for Spain. Please, visit our free online magazine in: Visit the site for additional information.

oUnited Kingdomo

o British Naturism - The National Body for UK Naturists. This site offers a fact-filled guide to UK naturism. Whether you are a newcomer or lifelong naturist, this site has something to entertain and inform you about their part of the naturist world. Visit the site for additional information.

oUnited Stateso

o AANR is the oldest and largest organization of nudists in North America with 50,000 members and more than 200 private clubs, RV campgrounds, travel clubs, and resorts, each offering a wide variety of recreational activities. To find a club near you, visit the website.
o Central Florida Naturists Inc., founded in the spring of 1992, is a Central Florida non-profit organization dedicated to the preservation (and ultimate official designation) of Playalinda and Apollo as clothing optional beaches within Canaveral National Seashore. CFN holds an affiliate charter, as a non-landed club, with the American Association for Nude Recreation (AANR), the oldest and largest nudist organization in the U.S. As such, our primary goal is the designation of public lands for clothing optional recreation use, while at the same time promoting the protection and preservation of our natural resources through education. We are a wholesome, family-oriented club, open to singles, couples, and families. Visit the site for additional information.
o The Naturist Action Committee (NAC) is the political arm of The Naturist Society. Its nine members are elected from the general membership of TNS, which makes this auxiliary a clearly democratic organization whose goal is to protect the interests of North Americans who want to use appropriate public lands for nude recreation. Since its inception many years ago, NAC has amassed a lengthy record of victories in stopping proposed anti-nudity laws from being enacted. If you are interested in supporting this organization, donate to NAC.
o The Naturist Society (TNS). At The Naturist Society, nudity is "the natural choice." Since 1980, TNS has worked to support opportunities for clothing-optional recreation and living on private and public lands. We offer an unwavering commitment to a wholesome naturist lifestyle, summed up in our favorite slogan: "Body Acceptance is the Idea. Nude Recreation is the Way." TNS understands that nudity is not about sex and commercial exploitation. It¹s about freedom, self-acceptance, and a more complete understanding of who are as human beings. Plus we offer a variety of practical member benefits, including our acclaimed magazine Nude & Natural, popular regional Gatherings and Festivals, and services that include admission discounts at hundreds of clubs and resorts. Find out what you¹ve been missing by going to Write to: The Naturist Society, P.O. Box 132, Oshkosh, WI 54903, ph. 920/426-5009, fx. 920/426-5184.
o Sanibel Naturists in Florida. The Sanibel Naturists is a non-landed club, meaning we have no clubhouse or overnight facilities. We are open to singles, couples, and families. We are active participants in naturist gatherings and nudist conventions and hold regular meetings open to all club members. You will find the Sanibel Naturists to be an active, friendly group. We eagerly welcome new members and encourage involvement in local, regional, and national nudist / naturist activities. We come from many backgrounds, representing various professions and skills, as well as different political, social, and religious affiliations. Address: Sanibel Naturists Inc., PO Box 6789, Ft. Myers, FL 33911. Telephone: (941) 995-NUDE (6833). Visit the site for additional information.
o South Florida Free Beaches (SFFB) is dedicated to the establishment of clothing-optional beaches in South Florida. It is a not-for-profit group of volunteers begun in 1980. We are organized to promote the concept and ideals of naturism as a way of life, and to secure the establishment of clothing-optional beaches, parks and recreation areas. We believe that exposure of the entire body to sun, sea and air is beneficial. During National Nude Weekend of 1991, we "officially" established a clothing-optional section of Haulover Beach in Miami-Dade County, Florida. SFFB has worked since then to maintain and secure this quarter mile section of beach against local and statewide threats. Newsletter, nude news, art & poetry, Haulover Beach, law & politics, hotels & maps. Visit the site for additional information.
o Tampa Area Naturists (TAN) is a naturist organization in the Tampa Bay area. Our mission is to educate everyone, with special consideration given to legistators and public officals, about the benefits of clothing optional recreation. Our goal is to obtain publicly managed, officially sanctioned, clothing-optional beaches in the greater Tampa Bay area. We have been to some of the various Florida Naturist sites, including Haulover Beach in Miami and Playalinda Beach at Cape Canaveral. Our group has enjoyed the relative security of these two officially designated clothing-optional beaches. Tampa Bay and the west coast of Florida has no such beach and if we don't do something about this situation, we can't expect it to get any better. So in that light, we are looking for like minded people who are willing to get involved and work for a clothing-optional beach in the greater Tampa Bay area. If you would like to help, or would like detailed information about the times and places of our activities, please complete the on-line membership form and then send your dues for TAN and/or TNS. Give this address to your friends, recruit like minded people, call us to share your ideas and come to our outings and meetings. Visit the website for additional information.
o TANR International (Trade Association for Nude Recreation) represents select American and Caribbean resorts, clubs, cruises, campgrounds, parks, beaches, spas, and inns which offer wholesome nude and clothing optional recreation. Visit the website for additional information.

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