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This page is dedicated to the people who have contributed to through a donation or who have helped out a lot to keep this website going. Individuals like these are the reasons why this site is so successful. All of us at members, managers, volunteers, advertisers and just plain visitors, should be proud to claim that no other naturist website comes close to the sense of loyalty and commitment from its community. The team especially wishes to thank all of the following individuals for their support.

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The following people are contributing sponsors of

a_mikey agv0072000 anothertraveler A-Nudist
Austin28 aznative101
backwd84 BadBadBoy bc1955pc1953 beanstream
Bernard bhamthb bildgepump bk_yd_nude
bluesman2 Bmac bo BobP
boone7782 botaurus Brino76 Brownedover
canadamac CandJ Cheri chevca12
ChrisNaturist Clemster63 Clomorg CNaturist
C-OHome Counted
daddogg DavidB dmebsolo doctorsingam
Don_Tx donandlynn DonOntario
eajet eajohn Eddie_Ar edun
fallingdown findingcoolwater Flexy68 FLRX36
fns Folklover FredB Fuzzymarshmallow
giovanniboy2000 gos GR82Bbare granpawbear70
grower53 GRSteve GSNPhil
halc Hawk40 Henry Hubnude
iamacanadian IMHO info Inspectorjoe
iron370 IshtarL
Janandman1 JanC JanC1 janc12
janc13 janc16 JanCNN jim19452
John_P John50 jtest6 jtest7
kaygreenusa keenenudist KnoxNude
Larry_nudist leapingnome ltv lucky4250
M050267 MacEideard Mandrake marksam
matureguy Mcombo37 mcsmooth MGnude
miacomet MiAmorCostaRica Mike_Yorks Mike1984
MikeShepherd Mikey1946 Mikey321946 mjc
Mohunch MtnDave
nakedsprings Nat naturistmale76 Ncnudist82
ncsteve38 ndbeachcpl NewdNewt Newton
newtonian NoodDood noodengr Not_Here
Nude55Kevin NUDEBEME NudeLBGuy nudenwv
Nudepapa nuderent nudetopian52 nudistofthepast
Nudite nudRus nukansun
oldtimers Oleksandr OrilliaNudist owl
PaleSkinnedOne Pata Paul PaulCB
phatboi21 philanddit PhilM philontario
Poohbear PPRVP
ray442 Raylie retro73 Richardtrevithick
Ricktx5 rixnva rj RoadGlideHoggin
RobC RobD rolo082880 rone0924
rpm2100 rwyman
sambnet sangroid searcher2011 Seekerinnc
shaver77 sjoerd skipnude Smoothalx
SmoothTalker snupie Sponsors ssalty
Sunnmaxx swnude Sydbrisguy
tanitall T-Bone techtech terry1
test2 test3 test4 testalias
TestAliasLevel2 TestAliasLevel3 TestAliasLevel4 texasnudist
TheBlueThongGuy Thorn78 tigerman Timmy35
TomInTucson Trebman ttiger9 Tulsanudist
Webbtiger65 wolfdude
yaakov yasehtor YCT yoopermike

   PLUS  all the anonymous people who did not give me a contact name/address or who sent in a check or money order with no name.

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