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Your donation will help us to continue to bring you meaningful information about the naturist lifestyle. You will be supporting the website, the website and the NUDIE TOONS cartoons! You can make a donation via any of the following methods.

If you make a minumum donation of $5.00, you will receive the extra features too!!

Option 1: NEW easy-to-use page where you can make a donation or purchase the extra features on this site.

Click HERE to go to a SECURE page where you can use your credit card. Note: all online payment systems (including PayPal) require you to enter credit card information.

Option 2: Donate through the NetNude store.

There is a category (store section) called 'Donation' in the NetNude store which is HERE. You can also purchase the Extra Photo Gallery features through the store, under the category 'PhotoGallery' or the Extra Message Board features through the store, under the category 'MessageBoard'.

Option 3: Send a check (or money order) to the following address.

Send the check in the currency of your bank, for example, the check should be in US funds if it is to be drawn on a US bank account. If you are sending a money order, make sure it is an INTERNATIONAL money order as it needs to be presented to a Canadian bank. Email me to tell me you have sent a check or money order and be sure to include your alias/name so I can set you up with the extra features.

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Due to the new (2003) PayPal Mature Audiences Policy, this site is no longer accepting PayPal Payments because PayPal will not allow payments from websites with full frontal nudity.

A little bit about this page...

This site has always given 'perks' to the people who donate, or help out, as do most websites. Over the past FIVE years NetNude has given away cartoon discounts, free use of a specific cartoon on a website, t-shirts, free advertising on NetNude and TanPages, additional information about the site, free help with web pages and design, free software, and more. All you had to do was ask, beg, or volunteer <G>. Keep in mind that most sites charge a flat rate for additional features, to name a few... message board (Cybernude), hats to put behind your name (Rixplace - Rick's Place), photo gallery (International Naturists Association).The internet is becoming expensive.

Any questions... feel free to email NetNude.

If you have any other suggestions on how to make money to support this website, email me and I'll consider them. :-)

Thank you and have a great 2010!!!

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